What makes me happy on the Internet? Assignment 1

Hello All!

It’s Abby here, my favorite thing about the Internet is the ability to Search anything I want at any moment in time!

An example of some of the things I have searched this week are, “What can wild ducks eat?” The answer was most vegetables and fruit, and no bread. After looking on the internet, I learned that ducks really love cucumbers!
Another thing I searched this week was information for another class. I was assigned to watch the 2016 film “I am not your Negro” and I learned a lot, but I also had a lot of questions. After watching the documentary, I went on the internet to learn more about Harry Belafonte, Marlon Brando, Bobby Kennedy, and James Baldwin.

It’s amazing how you can type in literally anything, any question, idea, or person and you can find a link to click on. Without the internet, I would have still been able to learn all of this information. The thing is, it would not have been as accessible and probably involved going to a library and skimming through a lot of books.
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