CT101’s GIF-tastic Kickoff

The anticipation leading up to the first day of CT101 was almost unbearable. I couldn’t help but feel a rush of nerves coursing through me. It was as if I had a swirling storm of butterflies in my stomach, and my hands had this persistent, jittery tremor. I kept thinking about what the class would be like, who my classmates would be, and what the professor’s expectations were.  I was feeling happy and nervous kind of like…

When I was selecting my classes, I remember reading the course description for this one, and I couldn’t help but feel excited. My older brother had taken the same class, and he told me all about how the professor gave students a lot of creative freedom when it came to blogging. Hearing about his experience got my creative juices flowing, and I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.
Compared to all my other classes, this one is the most relaxed, and it doesn’t make me anxious at all. Usually, I’m dealing with really demanding math or writing-intensive courses that can stress me out to the point where I sometimes just blank out during lectures. However, right now, this class feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s amazing to have this opportunity to explore creative avenues and express myself without the intense pressure of constant problem-solving or essay writing. It’s like a delightful pause button in the midst of a hectic academic schedule, and I’m genuinely enjoying every moment of it.
The idea of seamlessly integrating gifs to craft narratives that truly resonate with me. By using the power of visuals, videos, and well-crafted text, I really have the opportunity to make stories that not only captivate attention but also evoke profound emotions. It’s like having a versatile toolkit to produce narratives that leave a lasting impact on the audience. This class is an exciting avenue for exploring the dynamic world of digital storytelling, and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.
I’m actually excited about the potential of gaining new skills that use internet tools! It’s as if we’ve arrived in the future of learning, where the world of technology has evolved into a place for growth and creativity. I’m beyond excited about the internet’s endless learning opportunities, since our professor scratched the surface, and I’m already overjoyed! It’s like having a universe of information and resources at my fingertips, and I can’t wait to use it to hone my talents and expand my brain’s creative potential.

1 thought on “CT101’s GIF-tastic Kickoff”

  1. Awesome!
    Great work on this – I really enjoy the written descriptions and the narrative, sharing feelings and I remember your brother! (say hello from me!)
    Great GIF selections, aaaaand now, lets add some hyperlinks!
    Hyperlinks help the reader get a bit more context to the subjects and things we are sharing.
    Have fun!

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