Checking Classmates’ Website Part 2

The other day while writing papers, I took a break. During this break, I decided to look at other classmates’ website. I already visited a few classmate’s sites and I had such a good time doing so. Therefore I definitely knew that I was going to enjoy doing it again. This time around I came across. I’m interested in learning more about markets and investing. However, before doing so I need to do research and deepen my knowledge. This is why I’m going to be visiting Jeffrey’s website more often. One thing I’ll be going back to check is the difference between bulls and bears.

I really liked how organized his website is and how informational it is as well. I also liked how he included an add-on like ‘Read More’ which allows the viewers to get more information on the topic such as currencies, charts, fundamental and technical analysis, trends, and more. I feel like this is something everyone could add to their page and provide more information on any topic that might interest them and others. I will definitely be adding add ons like such to my site and I aspire to keep my page as organize as his.