CT101 Final Blog Post/Cindy Abreu

This class has been nothing but good vibes and an amazing class. It’s helped me release stress and it’s a completely different class compared to other ones. One of the main reasons why it’s a different class is because of Professor Seslow. Our professor has been great and he’s truly one of my favorite professors ever. I know I will definitely remember Professor Seslow as the chill professor with who I have a hot drink on Tuesday mornings.

Also, the one professor who I know has the same or close addiction with amazon as me because he gets packages often throughout classes.

Plus I’ve learned stuff in this class that I will be using outside of class and in my free time. That’s something I can’t say for all classes. For example, I’ve learned how to create and customize a website, how to create decent blog posts, add memes, gifs, and how to use sites like Photopea to create masterpieces.

I feel like I did good on staying on track of the assignments and overall a good job on the assignments themselves. I enjoyed doing them all and can’t believe this is my last post for this class. It feels like just a week ago I started this semester and was nervous about posting. Through my post, I wasn’t trying to be anyone else just my authentic self. This class has helped me feel more secure in my writing and has motivated me to write more than I already do. Seeing my classmates’ website has also helped me get more motivated because I get excited about seeing others progress and great work. I can say that because I feel strong in this class and the work I’ve done I deserve an A…plus.

The skills that I’ve learned will definitely be in good use outside of this class. I already have plans on helping my boyfriend create his own website. In the future if anything I know that I can also help others create cites. I also plan to learn more on customization so I can escalate more. I will also most definitely be keeping and maintaining my website up to date. I’ll add more personal blogs and at the same time provide informational blogs like the one I did recently on a money-saving technique.

This semester like mentioned earlier I was able to create my own website. It is Vibewithcindy.com. The reason why I choose this domain name is that I wanted to create a site where people can go a vibe, relax, and hang out with me. I know that during times like these where we’re living through a pandemic, people feel alone and the mind can wander to depressive thoughts. I know how hard it is to struggle with depression and I want to be someone that can help others get through it. I know it something that can’t just simply vanish in a day. I like keeping a positive mindset and although it can get hard sometimes, I’ve learned throughout the years that the mind is powerful. As long as we keep our minds with knowledge and positive thoughts we can accomplish anything.

Good luck everyone, happy holidays, and please stay safe.

Customizing my Website

I’ve had writers’ block for a bit. This has caused me not to write as much as I used to and to not post on my website. Most of this had to do with stress from classes or situations at work or with my family. I also didn’t do much customizing to my website. However, that all changed once having my Christmas tree up. Yup, it’s true that the Christmas spirit exists. It motivated me to change my October- November images for my website. Now I have Christmas or winter theme pictures being the first thing viewers see on my site. Of course, these images are from the amazing website of Pixabay. I know I can always find good ones there.

The next step for me in terms of customizing my website was writing my very first official post. I’ve been thinking of what I want my first post on my website to be. After constant thinking of what my first post would be, I knew I had to do it on the Cash Envelope System. It’s a system thy has helped me tremendously and I really enjoy doing it. I was nervous about typing it because I don’t know how others will react to it. However, it is my site and I want to include things that helped me and make me feel good. Talking about a way to save money is something that helped me not overspend which is something I’ve always struggled on. I further explain my bad habits on my website. Overall, I’m proud of how I’ve customized my site so far. For the moment I feel like I’ve customized it to the point I love it. It’s a simple site and I plan on adding more posts soon. However for now please feel free to check out my recent post.

Checking Classmates’ Website Part 2

The other day while writing papers, I took a break. During this break, I decided to look at other classmates’ website. I already visited a few classmate’s sites and I had such a good time doing so. Therefore I definitely knew that I was going to enjoy doing it again. This time around I came across. I’m interested in learning more about markets and investing. However, before doing so I need to do research and deepen my knowledge. This is why I’m going to be visiting Jeffrey’s website more often. One thing I’ll be going back to check is the difference between bulls and bears.

I really liked how organized his website is and how informational it is as well. I also liked how he included an add-on like ‘Read More’ which allows the viewers to get more information on the topic such as currencies, charts, fundamental and technical analysis, trends, and more. I feel like this is something everyone could add to their page and provide more information on any topic that might interest them and others. I will definitely be adding add ons like such to my site and I aspire to keep my page as organize as his.

DS106 Assignment Repository 2nd Assignment

I took a look at the visual assignment on the DS106 Assignment Repository because those are the ones that I’m most drawn to. Last time I used Pop Star Out of Place and used two of my favorite characters in the show Friends. This time I choose Places of Peace because that is what we all need right now.

Everyone has their own ideas on what their favorite place of peace might be, I decided to put some of my favorite spots that bring me inner peace.

The first step I did was look through my phone to find pictures of my favorite places. The photos I decided to add were pictures I took myself that bring me happiness. Each is in a different location in which I feel inner peace. I found around four that I really wanted to add and uploaded them to a folder on my desktop. I included some of the views from my house to New York City, the beaches in the Dominican Republic, a sunset from the grandparents’ place, and the FDR drive, all of which I can relax in and feel at peace.

To create this collage I used the site introduced to us earlier, Photopea. Last time I was really getting the hang of it and enjoyed using it. After I opened the Photopea website and I started getting creative. I always loved creating collages which is one of the main reasons why I selected this assignment. However, I’m used to doing collages from magazines, newspapers, or stuff I print out myself. So creating a collage on a website was different from what I’m used to. I created a new project and chose to create a social FB Event Image because I wanted something wide but not too big.

Then I added my photos and had some overlapping with each other. I was really happy with the way my collage ended up looking. Just looking at it brings me peace.




Copyright Assignment

When it comes to copyright, I think of when I tried creating YouTube videos. I always thought I can’t use a song for a certain amount of seconds, so I always used the default sounds on iMovie. I simply didn’t want to risk my chances. I’ve questioned many times will my videos ever be taken down for real or pictured different scenarios where I would get busted for it with messages like these:

Copyright is the legal protection of a property that the rightful owner has. It’s a way for artists or creators to protect their work. I completely understand this and agree with a certain point. In Larry Lessig TED Talk, he discussed many examples of how this issue of copyright struggles in a society and culture like the one we have. Many take snippets of media and create remixes of it.  Although many quotes of Lessig stood out to me, there was one that I can say I connect to. Larry Lessig states that “these tools of creativity have become tools of speech.”

The reason why this stood out to me is that our culture is full of creativity. It allows people to transmit their happiness and creativity to the world. Part of this creativity includes combining different videos to produce a remix, but that’s the art and it’s amazing. Many use it to commuitcate with hundreds of other people. It also stood out to me because my younger brother does this all the time. Never has he posted it on social media, but our close family and friends see it all the time. Overall, ff creating remixes or re-producing something, is what makes someone happy or helps them express and communicate better, we should allow it and applaud it because not everyone can.






Vaporwave Thoughts

When reviewing the Vaporwave content I was beyond amazed at how appealing it is to the eyes. I have definitely seen it before but never knew that it was called Vapor Wave. I love how it has the aesthetic of the ’80s and how it is a mixture of images, videos, memories people love, and other elements. I love the aesthetic feel it has. I personally love those aesthetic wallpapers for background and always go on Pinterest for some. Now I’m thinking of having some Vaporwave wallpaper for my phone soon. As much as I like the looks and vibes of Vaporwave, I feel like it’s not for me to create but to observe and love. While observing different Vaporwave I went to the Net-Art site where there was a specific Vapor Wave Aesthetic gallery. It’s filled with various works of others who created Vaporwave art. All looked amazing and I couldn’t pick a favorite so I screenshot the page with multiple works 🙂

Exploring Classmates Sites

I really enjoyed going through my classmates’ websites. I felt like I personally was having writer’s block. As much as I enjoy reading and writing random stuff, I was not in the mood to do so. However, something else that helped me tremendously, was looking through the websites of my classmate’s and oh boy did those motivate me. Like I came upon Claudia Campos’ website and right away started craving cakes and pie.
I also looked through Louannie Smith’s website and I related so much. These made me start wanting to write and see others websites. These are just two of my classmates’ sites but I’m sure everyone else has great ones too.

Midterm Assignment

Mid-semester already??!? I refuse to believe that this semester is halfway already. It feels like just last week I learned how to make memes, how to include hyperlinks in my posts, and how to customize my own website. In previous classes, I’ve created websites but it wasn’t anything like the one where I can create the website of my dreams. For years I wanted to create a website with personal hacks I know of, tips, how-to, recipes, blog posts, and so much more but never knew how. However, now I do and can’t wait to fill my website with all these.

A strength of mine in this class I believe would be my blog post. I’ve always enjoyed reading a blog post and always wanted to create one myself. In CT101 I have a serval blog post all of which I enjoy doing so much. It’s so relaxing to sit after a stressful day and write blogs about whatever interests you.

I do feel like in this class I’ve learned many new skills but still need more improvements. I would like to work on adding more hyperlinks to my blog post because I feel like I lack in that. I remember the first blog post I’ve created, Internet Happiness. I included a few hyperlinks there but now that I know more, I’m going to be adding more to my blogs. I also feel like blogs have helped me as a communicator because I can use pictures, GIFs, Memes, and more as a way of communicating. I feel confident in this class and I feel like I’ve earned an A. I’m in each class, have a hot drink along with Professor Seslow, do the assignments, and comment on other’s amazing post. Something else I need to continue working on is customizing my website. For my domain name, I went with Vibewithcindy.com. I was nervous about creating my website but also so excited because it felt like a beginning to something great. If you would like to see what my website looks like now, click here. I know that whenever I’m stressed out I can go on my website and type away my stress. I always had a passion for writing and through this class and my website, I can fulfill this 🙂


Website Customizing Part 1

When I first started customizing my page, I wanted to at least have the basic down. However, my mind was racing with all the stuff I have planned.

I’m beyond excited to fully customize my website. I was also very unaware of how to customize a website. Thankfully Professor Seslow is guiding as all through this process.

Some of the things I’ve customized on my website have to change the default settings. I added background pictures that I’ve gathered from Pixabay.com.  Also every time the page is refreshed a new background picture will show. This is a sneak peak of the type of pictures I added…

I also updated my about section, giving the viewers a quick background on myself and the cite. If you want to check out what I’ve done just click here.

I still have have so much more to add and I can’t wait!


Registering my Domain Name

My domain name is…… Vibewithcindy.

It was one of my favorites from my list and it was available. I can’t wait to set up my website. I hope to inspire others to do something they always wanted to do. Having my own website is something I’ve wanted for myself for 2 years now. This class is allowing this dream of mine to come true. I plan to create an environment on my website that people feel safe to share anything. Either they can share something making them happy or something that’s causing them pain mentally or physically. It won’t be a place where people spread hate, instead a place where one can go support and uplift others. I hope to boost people’s confidence. It took me years to boost my confidence after constant bullying and I can finally say I’m at my happiest point in life with many people I love. I plan to talk more about how I got to this point in my life through my website.

Possible Domain Name

I always pictured having my own website but never really had an idea of what my domain name would be. I have had different domain names for previous classes but all had to follow a certain format. However, for this class, we can make our own unique domain name.

I firstly thought of the vibe I want for that website. I want people to be able to grab a hot or cold drink of their preference and sit and read a  short daily blog. Along with reading something hopefully relatable I also want to have some of the photos that I’ve taken around New York. Once having this I asked my family for their input and came up with a few possible domain name

I’m still not 100% sure on which domain name I’ll end up with but these are some I have in mind so far…

  • KeepingupwithCindy
  • Daywithcindy
  • Cindyabreu
  • Chillingwithcindy
  • Vibewithcin

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility Assignment

While I was on the DS106 Assignment Repository, I chose visual assignments because I’ve always liked those. When trying to pick which assignment to do, I couldn’t decide. It took me a while to find and decide which one I liked best and felt like I could do. When I finally decided, I choose Pop Star Out of Place.

However, I didn’t pick a Pop Star because I had a different picture in mind. Firstly I opened up Photopea to create my assignment. Secondly, I opened Pixabay to find a good quality picture of a river. Once finding the perfect one I opened it on Photopea.

For my “Pop Star” I selected two characters from one of my favorite shows, Friends. Joey and Chandler have so many funny moments in Friends that it was hard to pick. I found an image that goes well with this background. The only problem was that the image I picked wasn’t really transparent.

I knew I had to use the Magic Wand or Magic Cut to fix this. I took a while to crop out the white and grey but this is how my final result turned out…

The techniques I learned while creating this can be very useful for my future assignments. I can even tell a whole story using the same methods. I do hope to better my skills at editing such images so they can look more realistic. Both Photopea and Pixabay were easy and fun to use to create this. If I were to do another one, I would’ve chosen a different assignment to experiment more. Another assignment that stood out to me and that I want to try was Word Cloud.

Word Cloud was harder to work with and I kept having difficulties trying to open it up. However this was one of the first that caught my eye and I’m still        going to try it soon 🙂






Are Memes Art?

YES, YES YES ! Memes are definitely art. They’re Internet Art, which makes them even more special because everyone is on the internet now. Everyone has seen some classic memes like this one

Other come across memes when they’re trending. Either way memes some of my favorite way of expressing a feeling. That’s what art is all about to be honest and memes help me release stress and they’re…

Some people don’t believe memes are art because they’re so used to seeing painted artworks, photography, sculptures or designs, that they don’t realize that there more outlets of art. Everyone creates art in different ways. Not only to express a feeling but to tell a story, for influence, to highlight a social issue, or to communicate with others.

Yes they are so sit tight and get creative with memes!!




Assignment # 2: GIF Post

On the first day of CT101 I was a little bit nervous. Even though classes are online I was nervous because I’ve never taken a class like Digital Storytelling before.

At the first Zoom meeting, it was nice seeing Professor Seslow because I’ve heard all good things about this class and on how fun it is. Already being on week 3, I couldn’t agree more. This class is so much fun and different from all the other classes I’m taking.

Ct101 is also one of the coolest classes I ever heard of and compared to my other classes this semester it’s the class which I enjoy the most.

Since the class is at 10 am, sometimes it’s hard for me to get up from my bed. Sometimes I even change my alarm to wake me up around 9:50 when I originally wanted to be up by 9 am.

However, once turning on my computer and logging into zoom, I see professor Seslow smiling at us and I feel like I made the right choice in picking this class.

(I had to add an Office Gif, it’s one of my favorite show ever! Dwight and Micheal are some of my favorite on the show. Here’s one of my favorite clips, click here. )

Overall, I’m so excited for what else that class has in store for us all :).




Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

During the start of this pandemic, I have to admit I tried staying away from the internet and focused more on spending time with family indoors playing games, or starting new hobbies. We created some amazing memories while playing those games. One for example is catching my father cheating on our favorite game Parcheesi. Yup that’s right he cheated! After watching the video of us playing, we caught that he had cheated three times just in the first 15 minutes, but still came out in fourth place. We all laughed in the end because he thought he was going to get away with it. Worse yet when we accused him of cheating he had this face–>Up until recently when restaurants and stores started opening up again, we’ve barely played Parcheesi. I started focusing on training for a second job, then preparing for classes, then returning to my main job. Even though this was all very exciting to me, one can say that I was overwhelmed with so much on my plate. However, something about having a lot on my plate is exciting to me. When I’m resting I spend time on social media like Instagram or TikTok or simply searching something online. While doing this I came across an ad that made my day. A Parcheesi mobile game ad!

I can’t explain how happy I was to see Parcheesi again. It reminded me instantly of when we played three times in a row or when we had a Parcheesi winning board and my brother was in the lead. Also, it reminded me of the intense moments while playing Parcheesi. We were constantly screaming and I bet our neighbors were questioning why we were screaming at 1 am. I even brought up playing Parcheesi once again and we did. If it wasn’t for that ad I saw while surfing the web, we wouldn’t have played again until who knows when. I highly recommend trying Parcheesi out. Either with friends or family members because the game can get pretty intense sometimes, but it’s a great game. If the app isn’t for you, try playing on the website. 

***By the way, I even created my first TikTok video while playing.  Not the best video but check it out 🙂