DS106 Assignment Repository 2nd Assignment

I took a look at the visual assignment on the DS106 Assignment Repository because those are the ones that I’m most drawn to. Last time I used Pop Star Out of Place and used two of my favorite characters in the show Friends. This time I choose Places of Peace because that is what we all need right now.

Everyone has their own ideas on what their favorite place of peace might be, I decided to put some of my favorite spots that bring me inner peace.

The first step I did was look through my phone to find pictures of my favorite places. The photos I decided to add were pictures I took myself that bring me happiness. Each is in a different location in which I feel inner peace. I found around four that I really wanted to add and uploaded them to a folder on my desktop. I included some of the views from my house to New York City, the beaches in the Dominican Republic, a sunset from the grandparents’ place, and the FDR drive, all of which I can relax in and feel at peace.

To create this collage I used the site introduced to us earlier, Photopea. Last time I was really getting the hang of it and enjoyed using it. After I opened the Photopea website and I started getting creative. I always loved creating collages which is one of the main reasons why I selected this assignment. However, I’m used to doing collages from magazines, newspapers, or stuff I print out myself. So creating a collage on a website was different from what I’m used to. I created a new project and chose to create a social FB Event Image because I wanted something wide but not too big.

Then I added my photos and had some overlapping with each other. I was really happy with the way my collage ended up looking. Just looking at it brings me peace.




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