Classmate’s Website Review

Season 2 Hello GIF by Friends

Hello everyone. I’m going to leave a couple of comments on the websites of my classmates. First I want to say that in general there is no good or bad design, only with different tastes.


I would say that this web page is about baking cakes and desserts, and I say that because she has an image at the top of her web page a whick, eggs and foam that I don’t know what is to be honest. The design of her page is simple since it only has one image and also uses a white background for the rest of the page. I would recommend adding a bit more colors to make your page more inviting and friendly.


The design of this page has red and black as main colors, which combine very well. However, she also uses the color red in the main title of her page (WHEEL CHAIRBAE The Rolling Rebel) and this makes her title a bit difficult to read as it does not highlight the red with a red and black background. So, I recommend changing the color of the title font. The rest of your page is oriented to the right and leaves its left side empty so I would add something there.


I especially like its design. I find it simple and elegant. As background images it has on social networks like instagram and facebook which makes sense since its website is about digital marketing. I personally think this page is ready to start publishing digital marketing methods to attract more viewers.