Assignment #1 – Cobra Kai Now And Forever!!!

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All week I’ve been focused on one thing and one thing alone. It felt like this day would never come!!!! The release of Cobra Kai Season 5 was a long time coming. If you don’t know what The Karate kid is or Cobra Kai is and you’re leaving under a rock then here is some background for you. 

My obsession with Cobra Kai started way back when I was younger. My mom’s side of the family has always had their own relationship with karate because they grew up watching the movies and learning karate simultaneously. My uncle is a huge Karate Kid fan, we have a running joke in my family that my uncle is the real-life Daniel LaRusso. He firmly believes that karate is used for defense not to be used to start a fight, it also doesn’t help that his name is also Daniel. My uncle became a karate sensei and taught everyone in the family karate. It will forever be a part of our lives. 

But there is something different about Cobra Kai now that we didn’t have with the original Karate Kid movies. We set up a countdown for the entire family so that when the day comes we are all together to watch the new season. Everyone turns their phones off for the day to make sure we don’t get a spoiler out of the blue. We all like to be on the same page when we first watch it. We even take the week prior to rewatch all the sessions that came before the new one to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

In Cobra Kai, Daniel La Russo and Johnny Lawrence continue their inevitable conflict more than 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament.

The previous season leaves off exactly where this new one begins. In prison is John Kreese. Cobra Kai is being expanded by Terry Silver. Mexico is where Miguel is. Daniel is attempting to make things right with assistance from Okinawa. I won’t give anything away. Simply smile and take in the karate.

Cobra Kai’s greatest strength is that it’s entertaining to watch. The plot centers on a lost fish who, with the help of a clever bonsai tree craftsman, finds his way to triumph in his new hometown’s All Valley Karate Tournament. Cobra Kai skillfully incorporates that spirit into this remake while maintaining its sense of humor.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka carry the play admirably, even if I adore the entire group. The distinction between the good guy and the bad guy from the first movie is blurred as Johnny works to better his life while Daniel takes everything for granted. Both require many wake-up calls and eventually come to blows before cooperating for one reason or another.

Here’s the tip of the iceberg of what Cobra Kai is about. Click Here To Watch!!!!! But without further a due I’ll leave you with this. Cobra Kai Season 5 is official on Netflix go and watch all seasons if you haven’t already!!!!!!!

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  1. Excellent work on this!
    Another great example of assignment #1!
    Great use of storytelling and application and embedding of media! The content and shared context is really helpful, plus the addition of humor and GIFs, well done! Perhaps you can also find an old school Mr. Miyagi GIF in crane kick position?
    There are so many ways to add to this and extend upon it if you wish (not necessary) but you see where Im going with this! Great work!

  2. For some weird reason, I still haven’t watched Cobra Kai. I think its because it has been a long time since I watched Karate Kid and I inevitably forgot a lot of it. But if I get my brain off of work and such, I’ll probably watch all three movies and start the series.

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