Copyright Assignment

When it comes to copyright, I think of when I tried creating YouTube videos. I always thought I can’t use a song for a certain amount of seconds, so I always used the default sounds on iMovie. I simply didn’t want to risk my chances. I’ve questioned many times will my videos ever be taken down for real or pictured different scenarios where I would get busted for it with messages like these:

Copyright is the legal protection of a property that the rightful owner has. It’s a way for artists or creators to protect their work. I completely understand this and agree with a certain point. In Larry Lessig TED Talk, he discussed many examples of how this issue of copyright struggles in a society and culture like the one we have. Many take snippets of media and create remixes of it.  Although many quotes of Lessig stood out to me, there was one that I can say I connect to. Larry Lessig states that “these tools of creativity have become tools of speech.”

The reason why this stood out to me is that our culture is full of creativity. It allows people to transmit their happiness and creativity to the world. Part of this creativity includes combining different videos to produce a remix, but that’s the art and it’s amazing. Many use it to commuitcate with hundreds of other people. It also stood out to me because my younger brother does this all the time. Never has he posted it on social media, but our close family and friends see it all the time. Overall, ff creating remixes or re-producing something, is what makes someone happy or helps them express and communicate better, we should allow it and applaud it because not everyone can.