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Copyright is a way to protect your work under copyright. This means that no one can use your work without first giving you credit or giving you a share of the earnings if someone is making money with it. 

The subject of copyright is a very controversial subject since there are divided opinions, there are people who agree and people who disagree. Personally, I think copyright law is stupid since it are not interested in protecting the work of authors. Instead, they only want the companies that take over the work like producers, music record  and publishers to benefit. Those who benefit the most are these companies that charge thousands of dollars for “their” works.

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The two quotes I chose are these:

“The Supreme Court only defines fair use as needing to “alter the original with ‘new expression, meaning, or message.’” The lower courts interpreted this to mean that, in order to make fair use of Cariou’s photographs, Prince must “comment on Cariou, on Cariou’s Photos, or on aspects of popular culture closely associated with Cariou or the Photos.””

“The constitution states that the purpose of copyright is to promote the progress of science and useful arts. It was intended to cultivate creativity by letting artists and inventors profit off their work for a limited time. Instead, what has happened as we’ve criminalized some type of creativity and like patents we’ve turned copyright into a weapon.” 

I agree with both quotes. In the first quote it basically talks about giving credit to the original author which Prince did not do. And in the second quote, I think that copyright is like a weapon where those who have the most money benefit and it hurts creative people who try to create and make things better.

Personally I think that if someone uploads a song to the internet, and I use that song to sell it elsewhere, I think that copyright laws should be strong. But if I pick up and use that song for no financial purpose, I think copyright laws shouldn’t be applied

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But apart from all, there is another copyright that also sucks, and the right to free information. And to sum up the sentence above, just think about what happened with Aaron Swartz.

I know I have a couple of gif and it is because I think it’s a serious matter since this has the power make a better world with the free information.