ct 101 meme

Memes became a big part of the internet. It is definitely art and a big way of expressing yourself as opposed to posting statuses.  I would say they are a good and bad form of communication. It is a good form of communication because it can come off comedic or tell information in a more relatable way. It may be more effective for younger people or older people with a specific set of humor.

It may be a bad form of communication because it is not able to tell information in depth. Memes are not an effective way to teach.

This is how I felt on the first day of class

The room amazed me LOL

Memes can be used for storytelling and add spice to stories.

When some students talk i hope the teleprompter or whatever it is called hears them perfectly for the professors sake. 🙂

I love technology. The fact that technology is advancing every year and becoming a big form of way of life, communicate, educate…etc, this class is highly recommended.

This is probably the best reason as to why I would say i love this class. Some professors add unnecessary stress to students and enjoy doing it, not keeping into consideration that we may be juggling 5-6 classes at once.


4 thoughts on “ct 101 meme”

  1. Great work on this so far!
    Loving the memes and storytelling!
    Haha, closed captions are my teleprompter! Same thing really 🙂
    Im happy that you are enjoying the class, so much more to come!
    Just be sure to double check the assignment details, did you miss answering or referencing a few things for this assignment? Take another look and then add the additions to this post when you can. That is the beauty of WordPress, we can always add more!

  2. I feel the same way XD. I have exams and papers due around this time so for this class to have one assignment due and there’s no stress to get it right the first time, we love that!!

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