me omw to make a ct101 post

Do you believe memes are apart of art?

Since the internet has a lot of people often very opinionated you can form your own thoughts similar to how this article gave both povs.

In my own opinion memes are undoubtedly forms of art as you need to think and come up with something funny interesting and appealing to a niche minority but more so life imitates art and vice versa.

This picture is a great example of how a point in time of our lives will be cemented for a long time due to memes and being portrayed past just technological means.

Similar to more mainstream versions of art there are a variety of options when creating memes as its based on the communities you are apart of as well as context and sense of humor.

This might be more your style or maybe you prefer the nuked style.

Regardless of your opinion our meme preference I have to say memes are definitely art pieces regardless of effort needed or style because they make me laugh and are better than that banana with duct tape.


3 thoughts on “me omw to make a ct101 post”

  1. Great work so far on this!
    Great examples and MeMe selection!
    Just make sure that you are addressing all of the criteria listed in the assignment details – it takes practice (I always need to reread things like this 3 times) plus the word “meme” is a part of the distraction to the other details in the assignment criteria.
    You got this!
    I love wordpress so much for the ease in how we can edit and add more content into existing posts!
    Thank you!

    1. I love the addition of different types of memes. Honestly, I forgot that nuke styles were a form of meme XD. But, I agree entirely when it comes to memes being art they are almost like time capsules of what is going on in different spaces on the internet.

  2. I like how you included Banky’s Girl with a Balloon because as you said, it’s a great example of communicating to others what was happening at the time, especially with the outfit choice of Bernie Sanders’ during Joe Biden’s inauguration. Though many thought it was cute and funny, it made the inauguration memorable for most people. AND I like how you included deep fried memes, I ALMOST completely forgot about this time HAHAH.

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