CT101 – Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information

Wow I can’t believe that the semester is over already. Time went by fast. I did a lot of work this semester and tried my best to keep up with all classwork’s for each of my classes. Towards the end some of my other classes started to give a lot of work and projects. But I got through them.

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Throughout the semester I have learned a lot from CT101. I was not much of a gif maker and gif person till this class. Gifs are really fun to work with and make. Just the other day I went and watched a video of one of my favorite youtubers and just went to a website and tried making a gif.

I tried lol. I toot a part of the video and zoomed in the the face reaction then went to giphy and made this. His videos are funny a lot of the times and he is always having these different facial expressions/Reactions. His video memes are all over the world. There are a lot of memes that has to do with him. He is a very entertaining youtuber. he has two channels with over a million subs. You can check him out here and also here.

I really enjoyed making gifs in this class. When I watch a videos I now look to see what I can turn into a gif and probably use it for my YouTube channel when I actually decide to upload. I just upload for fun. So now I will most likely start looking into making more gifs. I also learned about vaporwave. I never knew what they were but felt like I should have. They are pretty cool. This class was the first place I ever learned about what vapor waves were. SO I am really happy I took this class and got a great teacher. If you want to see my blog about vaporwave here us a link here.

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For this class I believe I should get an A+. You should always think positive. So I say an A+.  I’ve really enjoyed this class as stated and came to class and did what I had to while having fun. I always looked forward to coming to class and learn about new ways of making gifs and everything else. In this class i was able to get creative and write about it.

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I was able to get even more creative when the assignment about making your own website was introduced. I’ve created a website before but that was in computer science class. I had to code everything. From the color to writing. This was my first time ever using wordpress and it was fun. I got to talk about me and also give some news. Check me out.

Once you first get to my website you will see a banner that I created and the title of my website. My website gives you some news about what is going on in the basketball world on the sports page as well as a little story about what sports I played or is into. A little about music that I like and albums I listen to. An about page which is a little welcome and what the website is about. A blog page of my favorite memes. As well as a more section that you are able to hover over and see more options like my youtube videos and latest post (basically links of any post i have included on my website or recently posted).

I was able to get my website to where I wanted it. I am extremely happy with my results and how the website came out. I was able to successfully work my way around the website after going back and watching the zoom recordings to guide me. I was able to create different pages and change the site icon. It took me a while to figure out how to remove some of the default pictures on the page which was my only frustration.

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This class was amazing. I got more into making gifs and using gifs and memes now. I am going to miss this class.

Bye everyone, Stay safe and Happy Holidays!!!



3 thoughts on “CT101 – Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information”

  1. Epic Work on this! And Epic work all semester!
    Your website is looking great, full of fresh new content and compelling work!
    Thank you for the weekly, consistent dedication to our class and class work! And for exposing us to awesome new youtubers!
    It has been a great semester full of so much new learning, it always goes too fast, and this semester has been a tough one too..
    You have easily earned a top grade here in CT101!
    Have a happy and safe holidays!

    1. Thank you so much professor. I really had a lot of fun with this website and everything we did in this class. I also got more into memes lol. Had such a great semester. Learned a couple of new things I am going to now use. and also no problem (they are funny youtubers). Stay safe and Happy Holidays.

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