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It’s been a hell of a ride this semester, stress and anxiety surged for me the most this year, but you know what made things easier, breathable? This course, CT 101 with the amazing Professor Ryan!

I am extremely thankful for such an amazing professor who set up the class in a way in which we are able to breathe, in a way in which we are able to space out our work on different dates and you know what? It helped reduce my stress and anxiety for school. Recorded zoom meetings help. Fast communication helps and Ryan was quick to respond to my email, thank you! I believe this is a prime way different courses should be set up but hey. 1 thing I learned was that great professors do really exist.

Moving forward, I was content that we were able to learn on the usage on gifs, on how they benefit a conversation because gifs are eye catching! I now use them in all my conversations with friends and peers!

The human was the randos trying to get my wordpress account and the bear was my countermeasures blocking all false Ips, I learned a thing or two with passwords and security settings from the making of my website.

I also learned how to better make a website using different images that attract a persona:

My website was designed to help people understand what FOREX is, just information on different terms, languages, images, how to see graphs, and much more!

Bull &ย  Bear, the Exchange Market, FX, visit my site to learn more on what they mean:

As you scroll you stumble upon more information, feel free to press on the read more on these sections to gain more knowledge and information.

This took me some time really, to link the read more to another page, I was not using to it using wordpress but with the help of the zoom meetings I was able to adapt easier and to act. If anything I learned how to make my own personal website, using my own creative mind to design something for myself to share to others, this being information.

Not only that, I learned to blog in this class, and introduce my blogs to my website, recently I shared some information of the stimulus package, the more you know ๐Ÿ˜€

I did not add social media because FX has a bad rap on social, if I see that many people are visiting my site I will then add a social media for the site because it will known to people that the site is not a scam.

I was also able to share my favorite genre of music, although in class we learned it as Vaporwave which is an art form of the genre, I was able to share Synthwave and Retro Music, take a listen to this on your free time;

I also was able to put another video in website in the footer, for you listen and read.

Now, grades…

I think my grade should be an A-, I did my very best to complete all the designated tasks but I’m human, so things slip by you know, in all my post I did my very best to make it fun and easy to read, for my website I also made it fun and easy to read, I’m also making sure its tablet/phone readable, that’s why there is no sidebar, just the footer with the many things ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes. I will continue to work on the website, there are some sections that have been noted that will be updated later next week, work and holiday are time consuming but I want to continue to provide more info in my website in regards of FOREX. Now that I know how to be more creative with a website I will be implementing them in my other sites that I make.

But just like that the year is done, the semester is finished and this is my last post here. It’s been an honor to be in the presence of such great creative people like you all! I’ve visited many sites and i’ve been like wow, just great work everyone. All posts see here are eye catching because I believe we have all learned to use Gifs very well. Thank you Ryan for the awesome class experience! With that, I yield my time, and wish you all happy holidays and a great New Year in advance! Take care all!


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  1. Epic Post!
    And Great work this semester!
    Thank you so much for the kind words, lol, I love teaching this class, its beyond rewarding and a privilege learning together here in CT101! Your commitment to course has been impeccable, thank you so much! Super job on your website and all of your well crafted posts! Wow! Keep it up!
    Happy Holidays!

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