CT101 Final Blog Post

Ct101 has been the best/ most interesting class I have participated in since I first became a student in York College. I always thought that online learning was unpleasant but doing the activities you assigned made it easier to adjust, giving me more motivation to complete this course. In this course I learned how to create GIFS however way I want them to be, also having the benefit of using them whenever I would like to.

In one of the classes/ assignments I learned how to create a picture where there was more than one version of myself in a picture. By doing that I introduced this affect to others and now we can use this affect on social media and etc. That was probably the most proud of myself Ive ever been, just transferring what I learned from homework to entertainment for my friends.

Creating the website was what I enjoyed the most during this class. Adding and customizing the site with everything I liked made it even better. Being able to have the opportunity in creating something that I can continue in the future caused this course to be really useful.

I was kind of nervous at first when the professor gave us the responsibility to create the websites because I thought it would be ridiculous and have less characteristics than I thought it would. I honestly stared at the task for so long that it took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to do.

I ended up wanting to use this opportunity to make a website for my fashion sense, politics, and awareness of street art. I always wanted to create some sort of instagram page just for that but creating a website is even more interesting and advanced. The only frustration was trying to show who I am as a person through the the website, making sure the colors blended with the pictures I had up. I couldn’t get it together but towards the end I was able to understand that the theme color had to just remain white. Now my website.

My website  http://macdeesauze.com  is for you if you enjoy the latest fashion trends or if you love art and how its being used in the world today. In the beginning your introduced to a sneaker (my favorite sneakers) as the main picture of the site. While scrolling through the site your exposed to several pictures that describe me: artistic, fun, and a stylist. My post are mixed with content of art pieces Ive seen when just walking around the 5 boroughs and clothes I’ve found unique or straight up a great fashion piece. In the future I will continue using this website to help me network and show others that I am serious about what I do.

To conclude, in this course I believe I deserve the grade of an A because I was committed to this course and I gave everything I could as well. Overall I’ve learned so much and I have been entertained through it all. I was open and excited to learn knew things, as if I was kid waiting to get in the toy store.



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  1. I spy with my little eye one of my memes…I got so excited about seeing it. Can’t believe you liked it enough to use it. I am all smiles over here!!
    And excellent job on this post!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Excellent work on this and across all of our class assignments!
    Great work on your website, super cool!
    Happy Holidays!
    Thank you!

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