Customizing my Website

I’ve had writers’ block for a bit. This has caused me not to write as much as I used to and to not post on my website. Most of this had to do with stress from classes or situations at work or with my family. I also didn’t do much customizing to my website. However, that all changed once having my Christmas tree up. Yup, it’s true that the Christmas spirit exists. It motivated me to change my October- November images for my website. Now I have Christmas or winter theme pictures being the first thing viewers see on my site. Of course, these images are from the amazing website of Pixabay. I know I can always find good ones there.

The next step for me in terms of customizing my website was writing my very first official post. I’ve been thinking of what I want my first post on my website to be. After constant thinking of what my first post would be, I knew I had to do it on the Cash Envelope System. It’s a system thy has helped me tremendously and I really enjoy doing it. I was nervous about typing it because I don’t know how others will react to it. However, it is my site and I want to include things that helped me and make me feel good. Talking about a way to save money is something that helped me not overspend which is something I’ve always struggled on. I further explain my bad habits on my website. Overall, I’m proud of how I’ve customized my site so far. For the moment I feel like I’ve customized it to the point I love it. It’s a simple site and I plan on adding more posts soon. However for now please feel free to check out my recent post.