Digital Art Making Immediacy


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Digital Art Making Immediacy

** Assignment #6 **

image of neon-shaped sunglasses with pink horizontal stripes and black background on the face shape
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+ Creativity

The corner of the bottom left of the silver keyboard has a large red button that reads
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= Immediacy is a UI UX cloud-based software program. Software programs like are UI/UX design tools. has various features that make it easy to manipulate images and create collages.

To create a collage, in a layout, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Choose the images you want to include in your collage. This could be a selection of photos or graphics you want to combine into one composition.

screenshot of computer file with small images as to media used for collage

Step 2: Decide on the layout you want to use. Many options exist, such as a grid pattern or a free-form arrangement.

Step 3: Drag images into a new page.

screenshot of the images in collage


The following images are examples of gifs and photos used in creating my final collage on Click gifs and images for web links to sources.

profile of a white unicorn with a rainbow-changing color mane and stars emblazoned on the body, blinking big brown eyes
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lime green background of illustration of a white cat standing in a ballet position with arms up smiling, wearing a pink tutu with polka dots
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transparent image of double scoop ice cream cone with a small smile, two two eyes and cherry on top
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Yoga spelled out with bright colorful paint splatter in letters
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pink striped character from pacman video game looking side eye to the right
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red volcanic explosion with a dark night background
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The start of my life was on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I hold a deep reverence for the island deity Pele, who continues to be vibrant and active through her ongoing eruptions.

Being alive can feel like being a unicorn, prancing gracefully through fields of imagination, or like a playful cat, dancing joyfully to the rhythm of life. It can be as satisfying as savoring a delicious ice cream cone, as invigorating as stretching through yoga asanas, or as fun as playing games with friends. Life can be a beautiful explosion of fun times, and being alive means embracing every moment with wonder and excitement.

STEP 4: Once you’re happy with your collage, save it in a suitable format, such as a JPEG or PNG file, to share it with others or print it out.

screenshot on where to share url on figma

Step 5: Copy link to share the URL link as displayed in the image above.

click image for link to build. mmm. page is another website similar to The main contrast between the two platforms is the cost, as is free. encourages users to avoid paying for services unless they require domains and unlimited blocks.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E, offers a fresh approach to producing distinctive and captivating media.

Explore alternative ways to utilize DALL-E and generate diverse art that will constantly evolve and stimulate creativity. With many queries at your disposal, the possibilities for inspiration are limitless.

Follow the five steps below to create a collage with DALL-E and Figma.

STEP ONE: add an adjective, noun, verb, style to query

STEP TWO: Generate prompt; when adding “design cartoon image Intuition Creativity Immediacy” to the query, the following images were generated

cartoon image of female cross sitting cross legged with purple shirt blue pants
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Yoga recalibrates the sensors of the mind.

abstract cartoon with a eye in the center and bizarre shapes including a red arrow scatter
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The third eye creates

Abstract cartoon image of a female in a yellow tank with big white eyes and brown hair. Abstract photos are behind her, and ear sits in the far right corner
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STEP THREE: To create transparent images, drag image into “remove background”

STEP FOUR: drag jpg or png into the page, move around accordingly.

STEP FIVE: add DALL-E  images to

The photo metaphor created by DALL-E contains a potential that can be extended to any collage metaphor style produced on

Click image below for link to collage on

Explore alternative ways to utilize DALL-E and generate diverse art that will constantly evolve and stimulate creativity. With many queries at your disposal, the possibilities for inspiration are limitless.

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    1. Hi Trenae
      Thanks so much. You made my day to hear that compliment. Your post are pretty awesome too.
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      1. Right now I’m still struggling on figuring out my major. Throughout middle and high school I told myself I was going to become a nurse. However, I decided I didn’t want to follow that path anymore. So, now I’m just researching different majors and taking some classes to see if I like the class and want to go down that path. Which is why I’m taking this communications class! I’m trying to see if communications is the major for me. Still debating though.

  1. When I enrolled in Community College, I followed a similar approach investing two years in liberal arts courses before choosing a major. This allowed me to investigate a variety of subjects and potential career paths that didn’t quite fit with my interests and goals, ultimately leading me to a clearer understanding of what I wanted from a job. I’m grateful for the experience, as it has given me a sense of direction by helping me identify what I don’t want to do with my life. 🙂 I value the experience, as it has enabled me to identify what I don’t want to pursue. It’s admirable that you’re taking the time to discover your ideal fit, as it’s an individual and significant decision.

  2. Awesome work here, Jour!
    (PS – I love the dialog of comments here too!)
    Great work, yet another super example of digital storytelling, content creation, application of graphics, hyperlinks and deeply reflective and thoughtful work!
    I have re-read this 3 times over and it gets better each time!
    I really love seeing you working with these tools and creating a pipeline to further your knowledge!
    We are in the infancy stage of what these Ai tools will be doing in the next 2-4 years, really cool stuff coming!
    What was your favorite tool to use and which tools do you feel best integrate together?
    Im a fan of using Dalle-2 for creating variations of my own work, it helps me see those iterations I likely would have never thought of!
    Forward forward!

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