Let’s make some ART – Assignment #6

I am pleased with the programs we have explored so far, definitely looking forward to to learning many more. This week’s theme is ART — with incorporating different websites and their content together.

How does creativity work? Where do most people get their creativity from? Is there a such thing as being uncreative? I truly believe that each one of us are creative someway, somehow. I believe some of us are an inspiration for others creativity! WE ARE ALL MUSES.

I love Julia Fox, she is an Aquarius Queen!

Getting back on track; Figma and mmm.page are both free, but I only ended up making an account for Figma because mmm.page was giving me problems (not sure if I was the only one). One website I have fallen in love with is Pixabay because I used it for last week’s assignment, and I am familiar with the problem. When I think of creativity, I think of Outerspace, I think of the galaxy, the moon, the universe … all these elements we were blessed with, so naturally when I thought of a background to choose for this project, I chose …

I love the tools that we are given by prof Ryan, I love how easy it is to work with Removebg, I uploaded a picture someone took of me and took the background off, it was as simple as 1,2,3 actually I think 1,2,3 takes longer to say LOL than to press “remove background” on the generator.

There it is … before and after
I been playing with Removebg, just picking random photos and taking their background off. Now below will be my first half of the assignment by using Figma, Photopea and Removebg (which just became my favorite site).
I call this image the three faces of happiness featuring yours truly. Now that I have completed inserting, moving and overlapping the key elements in the photo above, it is time to see how it would look when applying the filters from Photopea.
I chose to the Pallete Knife filter with the filter it went from the three faces of happiness to the three figures. Now the final result after playing with all filters is here: I used Photopea to incorporate three different filters and combine them with the original image. I incorporated it as a background; it was a very interesting process.



4 thoughts on “Let’s make some ART – Assignment #6”

  1. The post is fantastic, and so is Julia Fox! The photo edited using photopea.com is incredibly creative. In addition, the filter used gives it a graphite-like appearance, which is really cool. If you ever open your own yoga studio, this image would be perfect as it conveys a sense of peace and tranquility.

    One minor suggestion for the blog post would be to start with an image followed by text. Humans are visual creatures; an image would immediately capture the reader’s attention.

    Overall, great job! Bravo!

  2. I love everything about this entire blog it is so creative and aesthetically pleasing to look at. I have yet to complete this assignment but this is giving me some ideas on which platforms to use when I do. My suggestion would be including a mini tutorial if possible on the process on how you were able to play around with the tools for the platform you used.

  3. Great work on this!
    Love it! What was your favorite part? Gathering the content to create with, or the creation process itself of making the final outcomes?
    Pixabay is so great, so useful and helpful! I find so much stuff there too!
    Great work on these examples and the iterations that expanded out of the first one!
    Where will this lead you to next??
    Thank you!

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