Digital Art Making Immediacy- Assignment#5 (Sajani Sufian)

I am alive. I have survived every moment on this birth since my birth. Isn’t that amazing? When I think about that for a moment, it actually does feel like a miracle. What a pleasure it is to be alive on this universe! Or is it so? Who knows? I do not know. Living, laughing, loving. Repeat.

Above are the two screenshots of the page one I created as a tour to my daily imagination.

I am a simple girl. I love simplicity. In my imagination I am always in a calm and quiet place where only peace and love can be felt. On my first page, the picture on the center represents me. I close my eyes and remember that I have come so far. I am here for a reason and still breathing for a purpose. I am someone who feels too much and always searching for reasons of everything. I believe live, laugh, love has to be the motto for an ideal life. That makes me title my second page .

On my second page , I created a GIF on how should it feel like to be A-L-I-V-E. We should be looking for reasons to live, opportunities and of course search for happiness. I added a poem on simplicity from YouTube.

Turning my imagination into something creative is the biggest challenge I have ever accepted. It is impossible to visually represent everything we think, everything we imagine, everything that we are. No amount of sources will ever be enough for that. I decided to keep my pages simple, as I am myself.

This platform seems like an amazing platform for starting to put our creative abilities into words, images, etc. The options for organizing everything is so helpful. I have worked on my laptop for this assignment. I tried to make use of all the options available on the platform.

1 thought on “Digital Art Making Immediacy- Assignment#5 (Sajani Sufian)”

  1. Thanks so much!
    I love the positive vibes and the colorful pages that you have created!
    Lets keep going! Haha, you knew I would say that!
    I think it is helpful to “lock” the elements that you have placed on each page so that they stay put with various browsers – do things look as you want them to when you go back and check? Seems like the video on the 2nd page has been skewed? Take a peek.

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