Digital Art Making Immediacy

Your experience with the mmm page..

I realized that your email is the key to activating the page and wherever you activate it, the page will upload on the device in which you activate it. For example, I initially opened up the page on the computer but since I needed my email to activate it.. I used my phone to confirm my identity and the page opened up on my phone instead of the computer. It was pretty tedious having to bounce back from email to the page but it does save my the annoyance of remembering a username and password.

I immediately had a song in my head and I created the work surrounding the song. The song is Jungle by Drake and therefore I created my weird interpretation of a jungle. It was fun creating this because I have never made anything like this before and it really got my gears in my brain moving.

This is just a preview, I attached the song to it too so that you guys can get the same experience that I have in my head. You’ll just have to click on the picture to get the full experience but this one can only be fully viewed on a desktop. Sorry for those who are viewing on a phone!


Since my week has been crazy, I’ve decided to dedicate my next post to how I’ve been feeling lately..

Once again, you guy would just have to click on the picture to get the full experience of the page and this time I made it compatible for those viewing on a cell phone (you’re welcome) and this post was more of a metaphor for what is going on currently in my life.

I can’t wait to create more fun and interactive projects as the semester continues but until next times amigos!

2 thoughts on “Digital Art Making Immediacy”

  1. These are super cool!
    Great work using mmm!
    I like how you used both the desktop and mobile platforms!
    Will you be using mmm in the future?

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