Digital Storytelling: Money

The ds106 home page image with assignment prompt icons I browsed through every section of the  DS106 Assignment Repository.  The first one that really caught my attention was this Nike Run GPS Map.  The purpose of this assignment is to create an image by running. The GPS will track your run and create an outline of the area you ran in. I’ve seen this done on Facebook many times. I’ve seen people create animals and even purposing using this “running art.” It seems like a fun way to get your cardio in.55 Creative Proposals That You Couldn't Say "No" To | Bored Panda

However, I do not have the endurance to do this type of art. It’s complex and it hurts my head thinking about how people use the city grid to create an art piece.  I’ve never done something like that before. It’s definitely something that requires a lot of planning. When I think of CT101 I only think about a screen and I thought this was a neat way to incorporate the “outside environment.”  Here is an article show casing some examples as well as how long it took to complete them. I can barley run for 10 minutes without feeling like I am dying. I will have to pass on the physical torture.

Another assignment that really caught my attention was a digital facelift on money.  It looked like a fun assignment to do. The assignment requires that you reinvent the dollar bill by giving it a face makeover.  I have never used photoshop and was intimated by the thought of it. I wanted to push myself a little out of my comfort zone and give it a try. The assignment said to not limit yourself to American currency. So I put my own twist on it. I am indigenous to Ecuador and decided to use the currency sucre. This currency is no longer used and Ecuador now uses American currency.

To show homage to the old currency I did a mashup of the two. Pictured above is a an American dollar bill with the face of an angel that would be found on the one sucre bill. I created it using photopea and I hope to improve my photoshop skills in the future. This assignment forced me to use photoshop but it was also very beginner friendly.

I think we should definitely have more assignment like these. It gives you creative freedom and you get to improve your editing skills and knowledge. This assignment was a warm up and I hope to grow my skills more and more with each blog post. In doing so you are no longer limited to images you can only find online. When you tell a story you can tell it and show how you visualize it. It can be anything you want it to be and that’s what makes storytelling special.

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  1. Hey Ericka

    It was a pain browsing through all DS 106 to choose an exciting topic. I had the same experience. When I first looked at your post, I told myself this is easy. It only required a drawing on the map not until I started reading your post to realize that this was a person running using Nike GPS to form a way of Art. That was crazy, and for sure, I will not be able to do this type of activity. I liked your second example, which involves the currency you did well placing the child’s face in the one dollar bill. It looks so real.

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