Assignment #4: Meme Is The New Art, Sorry Van Gogh

Do I think meme is art? Hells yes.

Btw, I loved watching Madea. She was a character who always expressed feelings that I was able to relate with.

I already knew my answer was going to be yes when Prof. Seslow introduced this assignment to us but I was curious to see what popped up on google when I searched, “meme is art.” The results were oddly satisfying to look at because when I looked at the images that related with the search, everything looked so familiar. I was not lost nor did I feel like an outcast for not recognizing anything.


The goal of art is to express a person’s truth, and if the purpose of art is art, then memes fit the bill. As an example, consider the works of art exhibited on the Internet as cultural icons. After watching,

Mike Rugnetta, the host said, But wait, people are creating images and sharing them with strangers for the purposes  of communicating their personal experiences? That my friends, is art, plain and simple.” I couldn’t have agreed more with this statement. 

Memes have gotten me through my days when I wasn’t able to articulate my feelings through my own words. It helps people describe past memories and experiences they had with people in their life. When you share it with your followers on instagram  you see the instant connections with people you don’t even know.


… I thought I’d join the revolution of art by creating my own meme. Yes, I know its not like the cool animated ones but trust the process!

Yeah this is the perfect meme to describe my mothers face EVERY SINGLE TIME she asks what I am working on. Created through GIPHY.



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