Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

Do you like Game of Thrones? Well, this work is gonna be related to it.
So, in the Assignment Bank I looked inside Visual Assignments, and on the second page at the end I found something that caught my attention


On the left you can see an assignment related to the HBO series “Game Of Thrones” of which I am a big fan. So I went into that assignment to see what it was about.

As you can see, here you have to create your own House and Sigil. For those who do not know, in the series there are different houses that are basically families. Each family has a sigil and something that represents them. For example: One of the most known houses is the Stark house, which is represented by a wolf, and its motto is “winter is coming”. Well, to do this assignment I used a web page and I did it like this.

First, I want to explain the details of my house. The name of my house in Bergling, and why Bergling? Well, Bergling is the last name of my favorite artist, Tim Bergling better known as Avicii who died in 2018. The owl is the animal that represents my house and I chose it because it is a nocturnal animal that is very beautiful, has large claws and is always attentive to everything. And finally, my motto is “Without mercy, but with honor” and I chose this motto because it was the first that came to my mind since I’m watching the Cobra Kai series and they mention it there. This is the result:

Sorry for the quality of the screenshots, I don’t know why it looks super blurry. On my laptop it looks super good but once I upload them they get blurry.

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