DS106 Assignment

Browsing through DS106 Repository there is a vast collection of different projects that you can choose from. However, what I noticed is that even though some of the project are in theory “simple”. They can be time consuming if you don’t have experience working with in different creative platforms. It’s kind of like learning a new language.

How I felt when I started working with photopea.

Photopea felt really similar to when I was learning how to use indesign and honestly I still don’t understand how to properly navigate either of them.

I feel like I’m stumbling through the dark the entire time. Now, don’t get me wrong I can at least do the bare minimum and the tutorial that professor Seslow presented was helpful but it was still difficult.

This was the project “An Album Cover” I decided to pick to complete.







I thought this was really corky and cool. I’ve always had a fascination with album cover art and this was the end result.

It ain’t anything Picasso level but hey, I’m proud of it.

The second  project I found that I wish I was able to complete is under the  the category of audio and it’s titled “Dialogue Mashup”

I have million different way I would go about doing this project but I don’t know how to cut and mash up audio from different sources. The biggest road block I find for myself is not my imagination and creativity but not having the understanding of how navigate the tool at my disposal to make these idea become a reality.

But this all comes together through trial & error and of course patience’s. I think that doing one or two of these project would be good because it not only gets your creative juices flowing , it challenges you to do something new.

These are important skill that we can all benefit from because there may come a moment that these skill will work to advantage and give you an edge over the competition . Especially, in today’s work force it is getting harder to stand out.

It can give you some added confidence walking into an interview with these skills in your back pocket.

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  1. Saul I completely agree these assignments all seem relatively easy but not knowing how to navigate the different site can be very frustrating, also your album cover outcome was nice.

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