Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

1. Back to Basics! 

Back to Basics!

The project that I felt like I would be able to do with my current knowledge is the one listed above. It requires you to go on a game such as Minecraft or any type of building/survival game, and design your own house, cottage, or mansion.

I personally don’t play Minecraft, but I’ve been spending a lot of time on a similar game that has released for Steam called Valheim.

The game places you in the life ( or afterlife?) of a slain Viking sent to defeat creatures and ancient bosses in the tenth Norse world Valheim. Not only are there enemies to fight, but there’s a bunch of gear to make as you progress, and a huge open world for you to build anything you can imagine. The building system in this game is great and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface on the different creations that people can come up with.

I chose this project to sort of show off the creations that I have been working on in the game.


This first image shows the forge I made in the game where I go to repair all of my tools/weapons as well as my armor. I surrounded the base of the building with stone to support the structure of it all. I also made sure to fill it with enough lighting and trophies from my adventures to make it look nice.

Check out the inside:

This next building is one of the first main houses that me and my girlfriend built together when we first got on the game ( I did most of the work). I like the simple yet clean look that we ended up with after building the house.

Main House

Here’s how the inside looks:

You can see that it’s filled with cooking pits within the floor to make food quickly without having to go outside. There’s also two beds ( where me and her both respawn if we were to die to any one of the many monsters in Valheim), a table for us to sit and relax at, and a pet wolf in the tiny pen you see towards the right. His name is Chase.

The final building that I made is the storage house. This is where we keep all of our collectibles and crafting materials. On each corner of the house are teleporters that we use to transport items and explore different parts of the map.

Storage Building

Here’s the inside:

You can see that there are many chests and carts on each side of the room to accommodate the many items that we find while playing. Each chest has a label for whatever is inside and it allows for us to easily grab whatever we need and go. Some of my carts ended up falling over on one side thanks to the game’s physics…  damn I need to fix that later.

2. Sports Poster

Sports Poster

This other project that I’ve chosen seems doable, but it would take a while before I would be able to design anything that looks like this.

I always thought the idea of making posters and other forms of digital art was cool but I was never really got into making them. In order to learn how to make a project like this, I would have to really do some research and look at different Youtube tutorials that would help me.

I see myself doing a lot of these types of creations in the future and hopefully after doing 3-5 of them I will learn the basics. After learning these basics, I hope to develop my own style that I can apply to all of my creations. This is a very important skill to have, especially when it comes to website development which is the field I would like to hone in on.