Digital storytelling

For this project I have chosen to do one of the visual assignments and one of the video assignments.

In the visual assignment I will have to create a logo. I have chosen this assignment because I always imagined myself creating my own logo representing something that I love to do or even myself, so this is a great time to start doing so. To start this, I will need to find a website that will allow be to create my own logo.

However, in the video assignment I will have to make a video from the perspective of my character. I think this assignment will be very interesting because it’s going to force me to really focus on who I really am.

To really do these assignments correctly, I think I will have to make more than 5 attempts, especially for the logo project. This is because I am not familiar with the websites that help with these kind of things, so I will explore multiple sites to find the good one.

Both assignments will not take me one attempt because I am not use to creating and editing videos or pictures. However, once I get the hang of it, it will help me for the future. Imagine I have a business or company of my own and I used these techniques. Less stress for me!

Heres an example of a logo I created for a bakery shop.

2 thoughts on “Digital storytelling”

  1. Hello, this is wonderful that you create your own logo representing something that you love to do or even yourself. I also need to complete a logo for my business that I am about to get started. Well done

  2. Nice work on this! Love the logo and this assignment is great fun. It would be great if you included a screen shot of the assignment to go along with the hyperlinks above, this way it gives us a visual peek into how the assignment looks đŸ™‚

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