CT101 Final Blog Post

So this is going to be my last post Professor said.

All emotions aside, it was a great experience! I enjoyed exploring the internet. Especially giphy, if you haven’t already noticed^^

There were 3 things that I learned, which  I am considering using in the future. GIFs, vaporwaves and how to create my own website. I am planning to add more things in my website to expose my creativity. I feel that keeping up with my website will allow me to explore myself as well. I dont know how much potential I have honestly, but I believe that starting with something like this can really help me become an open minded student.

My grade

I believe my effort matches a grade that has the letter A and a plus right next to it. Trying to be funny here! I dont know why I found it hard to save images and removing pictures from one place to another. Because of that, I think I should get an A+ because that was by far the most difficullt thing I did throughout this semester and I managed to do it! Good Job for me! I also believe that nobody should be judged by their creatiivity, so a bad grade shouldn’t exist. Am I right?!


My website will consist of traditional recipes from my mother who is from a place called Yemen. It’s in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, as of right now my wesite does not have alot of content  because I have been busy with school. But, I hope I will continue and make it better when I have a break so that I can share my culture with the people out there. I share food because I believe that just like how food brings people together, sharing food recipes can do the same thing as well. This website does not discriminate!

Speaking about my website, I struggled in the begining with buliding it. I wasn’t use to the features the website offered, so I would get frustrated. I had so many things happening, from school work to home work. It was frustrating for me to complete my work , especially with other classes in mind. But, I managed to do it! This was a fun class and I wanted to enjoy it without having to think about other things. I mean, it wasn’t awful because Profesor Seslow is an amazing teacher! But, I wanted to show more! I wanted to go out and put in!

Heres my attempts for making a vaporwave. Im getting there!

This class allowed to open up to the arts of the world! It was a pleasure being in this class. It was fun and exciting being a student in CT101!

Stay safe everybody!




“culture where creativity was consumed but the consumer is not a creater. A culture which is owned with the “vocal cords” of the milions have been lost.”

Larry Lessig

This quote really made me think about the unfairness of media. Its crazy how one can steal ones creativity. I never though of it like that.

I think users of the web should consider the problems of sharing things thats to not belong to them. I will honestly say that when I reshare content, I do not consider the problems and the inequalities that comes from  it. However, I believe that the “big” influncers like intstagramers or youtubers should definitely consider it because alot of people are watching their content and would probably think that everthing they share belongs to them, when in reality it does not. Thats inequality and unfair! Imagine someone taking your property! Fair use is certainly not this!



In the zoom meeting, Professor Seslow gave us a guide to creating vaporwaves. He showed us applications that we can use to help create a different aestetic. He introduces us to vaporwaves! A vaporwave is an aestetic of the 80s and 90s. It incorporates old images from the early days of the internet and mixes it with unreal elements.

Heres an example of my attempt.

This took me so long to complete because I was still discovering the features of the application I used. After I managed to understand some of the features I created this picture.

I’m still in between when it comes to vaporwaves. I think I like Giffs better.

As you can already see, I jumped ahead and made one! I think I got too excited!

Stopping by my classmates website!

This assignment required me to stop by one of my classmates website and comment. It was really interesting looking at another website. Its like looking at a different culture since so many people have different ideas to put in their website.For example, Claudiabakes’s website is about baking which is awsome! She shares some of her recipes and posts really nice pictures of what she’s baking. Her first blog post was a recipe idea and it looked like she was already use to the blogging process. She did a great job!



This semester was crazy!

This semester was crazy!

I felt like a blogger throughout the semester. It was a different experience for me because I dont usually explore the enternet the way I explored it this year. I would say I was forced in the beginning to discover new things in the internet. I did initially because I had to complete my assignments for this class in order to get a good grade. But, it was all worth it at the end because I learned alot. I was not going to do it unless I had to, so this was the best way for me to get out rom my box.

Yes, these are people trying to change the tires while the car is driving.

The things I learned in this class were how to make giffs and creating giffs from videos. This is definitely something that I’m obsessed with. I didn’t know you can create a giff from a video! I have been using the same giffs thats offered when you text someone. Now I have upgraded my giffs and they’re more funny. So for now my strengths are making giffs.

Something I needed to definitely work on was my website. I still need to enhance my website and learn more about other programs that can help with that. I also need to start exposing some of my culture just like how I did in here. I started making giffs that were related to the Middle Eastern culture. I feel like thats something I need to expose more, especially when I finally have the opportunity because I have my own website!

The assignments of this class cetaintly helped me as a communicator. I was able to use my voice and it was not limited to anything. Thats the best part of this class. Although we have requirements to fulfill, like the questions that are asked for us to answer, we can answer in our way which was really fun.

Yup, it says it on the picture. I believe I deserve an A+!

Joking! Everyone wishes to see that grade on their transcript. I’ll be very exited if I receive that grade for this class, but we have to be fair. I feel like I could’ve done more. My creativity wasn’t enough to recieve that grade. I feel like I have earned an A because I did all the work but theres always room for improvement. I could’ve done more.

#Livingwithayoosh is my domain name for my website. I am planning to post Middle Eastern recipes and talk about food. I am also planning on posing things avout nature because I love nature.

Making my website!!

Salam everyone!

Today I created my website. So exciting! I hope you guys feel the same way. Creating my domain name was the best part. Thankfully, my name was not one that was taken, so with one try I was able to make my Domain.

Unfortunately, there were things I disliked about the process, which was opening new tabs to get information. For example, going back to the zoom recording tab to see the next step and then recording my information in another tab so that I can save what I had so far.

It wasn’t a big deal. Everything went pretty quick. The process wasn’t the worst thing.

Heres my next step!

I will start thinking about what I will be talking about for my first post! Can’t wait for this!

The Internet’s Own Boy!

When I was watching the documentary, it caught my family’s attention. My siblings were watching it with me because the things Aaron Swartsz would say in the film was mindblowing! Half way through the film I told them it was an assignment. I guess my siblings were doing the assignment with me afterall.

When Aaron said, “Creativity comes from applying things you learn in other fields to the field you work in” it caught my attention.  This is because I have a hard time doing that. I’m a very reserved individual and I have a hard time revealing things. But after looking at this statement, it really inspired me to fuse things I learn together.

Domain Name Time!!!

So….. were making a website….

This is so exciting!

Lets start playing around with the domain names. Here are some names I would consider for my website.

Naturally Aishah

naturally spoken

living like ayoosh

I think these names would be great for my website. I am planning to fuse together many of my interests and talk about them, so it was kind of hard creating a name. I want my wesite to be as real as possible. This gave me the idea of being natural. I mentioned “naturally” in some of my domain names because I want people to know that what I post is not filtered. Everything is real! Also, in the last name I have chosen to use my nickname, Ayoosh, which is what my parents call me. Ayoosh was something different and unique.  FYI if it is pronounced correctly, the name will flow really nicely.

One of the websites I recently have been following is simplymaha. I like looking at her recipes and routines. Some of the things she does really inspires me.



Digital storytelling

For this project I have chosen to do one of the visual assignments and one of the video assignments.

In the visual assignment I will have to create a logo. I have chosen this assignment because I always imagined myself creating my own logo representing something that I love to do or even myself, so this is a great time to start doing so. To start this, I will need to find a website that will allow be to create my own logo.

However, in the video assignment I will have to make a video from the perspective of my character. I think this assignment will be very interesting because it’s going to force me to really focus on who I really am.

To really do these assignments correctly, I think I will have to make more than 5 attempts, especially for the logo project. This is because I am not familiar with the websites that help with these kind of things, so I will explore multiple sites to find the good one.

Both assignments will not take me one attempt because I am not use to creating and editing videos or pictures. However, once I get the hang of it, it will help me for the future. Imagine I have a business or company of my own and I used these techniques. Less stress for me!

Heres an example of a logo I created for a bakery shop.

Are memes ART?!

Are internet memes a form of Art?

Of coarse!

Just like ART, it’s a form that allows people to express themselves creatively.

Meme: an element of a culture or system of behavior… https://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+a+meme&oq=what+is+a+meme+&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.6499j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Now, what is culture? Well, its definitely an art!

ART: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination…


This all adds up! It proves that memes can be considered a form of ART.

I believe that memes are good for communication because it gives us a better picture of what one is expressing. Just texting isn’t enough. Memes can also allow someone to relate more. For example, lets ask ourselves, how many times have we said, “this is true” or have laughed  about memes because you connected something with it. You see!

Many times we don’t want to talk, instead we just want to send a picture that shows how we feel at that moment.

Thanks to memes, we can do that!

Like this! This was me when we started CT101.

Another example is when someone says that CT101 class is a chill class. Just saying that is not enough to express what you think.

You have to see the picture to get the full idea. Just like Art pieces, some artists draw to express themselves better.

Assignment 2-CT101!

When I attended the first zoom meeting, I thought that the professor was going to explain what the assignments would look like. I assumed it would be a boring class and we were going to have exams and quizes on what we learned. It turned out the opposite.

Professor said NO EXAMS! This was already good for me!

This class is no way near my other classes. I’m a sophomore, so I’ve been taking the boring classes so far. However, I hope CT101  will change that.

I was ready to do this!


For this class, we will explore our creativity and experiment with the internet.

I was so excited when I found out we were going to explore our creativity. I’ve never done that before, so I felt like jumping around to express my excitement.

Below is a funny Arab dance that reminded me of myself after the zoom meeting.


Assignment 1-Internet :)

Lately I’ve been watching clips from a youtube channel called BedayaTV. Its a Saudi channel specialized in broadcasting reality programs. Sounds boring when I say that! But, its actually beneficial at the same time funny. Perfect combo!

Here’s a giff I made from a video clipp I watched Yesterday!

I love the energy they bring!

Heres a video of one of the members attempting to sing a song in which he had heard but was unable to memorize the lyrics, so he sang the rhythm.

The hype of the video is what made it fun to watch. Also, everyone joined with him and went with the flow. Positive people give you positive vibes, they say. Right?! I, myself joined with them even though I had no clue what they were saying.

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