Domain name

The video helped a bit, I understand the reason for choosing a domain name wisely. I had actually thought about making my own website a few months ago, but I did not plan to take any action. What I wanted to do I cannot do yet so I did not even think about it. What is that? I want to make comics/videos. I was planning to learn how to draw better, even at a drawing school. I plan to learn animation and if I ever get enough money, I would ask others to help me with it. This is definitely something that I plan to do, even if it takes me years to understand and start on it. I would definitely start posting drawings to my website, then try to slowly implement comics.


So, one of the things that helps me on this is my twitch name. How? Around the time where I had gotten on twitch, I was watching/reading a show and books that I didn’t hear about before. The name is Geronimo Stilton. People on twitch said that they loved the books whenever they saw me and that they liked the show as well. It made me think since I want to do animation and learn how to draw better, this name is fitting for me. I don’t use the name Geronimo Stilton exactly, but I use the name, Geronimo in the first part of my name. Since that, i got into the Geronimo books better and thought to use this name to brand myself when i start animation and comics.  

Scholastic Paperbacks Geronimo Stilton 67 The Chocolate Chase - Linden Tree  Books, Los Altos, CA

an idea of what geronimo stilton looks like.


Some domain names I can think of is 










I will try to think of more and/or better ones