DS 106

When it comes to the DS106, I know the 2 projects that I can do and would like to do.


This is the fanfic assignment. I had picked this one because I used to/ still kind of write fanfics. Not only is this something I can do, but it is also something that I have done. I wrote stories in high school on my own time. I would even jot down some ideas that I had during lunch and write them down when I got home. So I think that I would be able to do the fanfic assignment given here. 

For this assignment with tina, I think I would be able to do this well. While I do not have specific tv shows that I can call my favorite, I can definitely do it for other shows. I can take in the anime shows that I have watched and use my favorite ones to give me ideas. Tv shows I can think of that I can use would be the big bang theory, family feud, and probably futurama. 


The radio assignment is one that I would be willing to try. The reason I picked this one specifically is that I thought it would be very interesting to me to learn how to do a commercial back in the ’80s. When I read this and heard to put some background music and/or sound effects, I thought about the different effects from the shows I used to watch. I do not know what exactly I would use for sound effects, but I would try something creative.