Confession. I didn’t set up my domain Thursday after class like I thought but I did do it Saturday at 2am like the true Nuyorican hipster that I am. The process was simple and Professor Seslow could not have done a better job with making the class recording be a live tutorial. This is for you Professor…



Looking back to when I was thinking of my Domain name. I was surprised to see no iteration of Anj_Da_StranJ was available but for some straaaaaange reason my name was. And just like that. I went with it. Especially since when you google Angel DeJesus all you get is a host of Americas finest Hispanic convicts. As soon as I hit that confirm button, took a deep breath and realized the magnitude of what I just did. I felt…




It was so empowering. At this point in my life knowing everything I want to do and will ever want to do and/or create can ALL be under my complete control.




I look forward to the next few weeks and beyond as it looks like I’ll have something to keep me busy this summer with no classes going on for me. Given my experience with political correctness and “cancellation”. One of if not the biggest thing I eventually want to do is speak on the (cultural) issues and challenge the online punks of cancel culture.


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