Domain Name Idea

My first thought on what would be a good domain name of course is my name, because the website is about me and things I may like or dislike a place I can post anything I want all about me. So this is my first choice. Other ideas are I’m a mother of 4 from Jamaica West Indies, I may have parenting tips and ideas I can share. I thought about, this has some island flair I am proud to be a Caribbean mother, we are a bit special with our views.

Then the professor did a search of how much people have paid for domain names, and of course this then got me thinking maybe there is something I can use to help make money at some point.


The thought of making some money all for creating a domain name made me excited. So I asked my children for help to think of something that they think someone would want to buy and they came up with I thought what a great idea, cause oh boy will 2020 be looked up in years to come. So  I think I’d like to chose if it’s available only cause it’s a possible money maker.