Domain Name Registration


I never thought I had to register for a domain. I feel happy to even think about it and create a URL on my own. Registering for domain names takes me less time than thinking about what domain name I suppose to use. After thinking about using my Facebook photography page

name to register for the domain. However, the name is already registered. Then I decided to use my nickname. I think back to my country and here in the united states, most people call me by my nickname.

I’m looking forward to becoming a website owner since it will extend my online experience.

Reclaim Hosting made registering my domain a pleasure. I had a promo code on my york email. I just put the code to claim my domain. Good thing is that we don’t have to spend money on this Reclaim Hosting.

after checkout, I just need to install WordPress. All this process seem so easy after I watch professor zoom’s video recording.
Here is the link of my website.

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  1. Great!
    So far so good!
    There is so much more to come this week and beyond, thank you for sharing the process!
    Do you feel that it is helpful to narrate your steps in a tutorial format like this?

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