Domain Name Registration Process

Starting The Journey On Making A Website

This weeks assignment to start making our own websites was really fun. It was not a difficult process, especially since Professor Seslow broke it down step by step during class. I watched the video again, all the way through and it was smooth sailing from there.

I had been looking forward to this assignment, even before spring break. Finally completing it, I feel very much accomplished and relieved. It turns out that making a website is easy, just as long as you follow every step correctly.

Having a website is a good source of connection between you and the rest of the world. Especially during the pandemic where everything is handled remotely. My website is still under construction at the moment, but I will be posting more content soon. Until then, if you want to check it out, you can find the link here.

4 thoughts on “Domain Name Registration Process”

  1. Awesome work Tyler!
    Congrats on your new domain and website!
    Im excited to share the customizing process next week, thanks so much for the great work!

  2. I like that you already have your first graphic for your site. That’s cool and proves you’ve really been thinking about this process. Much respect Tyler.

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