Picking A Domain Name

Domain Name where are you!!!!!

Okay, so honestly so far I have a couple, while some possible names have already fell through with a couple of google searches.






My goal is to create a website that focuses on aviation on a global factor. To reiterate my major is Aviation Management and I think its time to expand my knowledge learned from courses onto a database that can project important aeronautical topics that others can gain access to. I am a little worried that some of my learned knowledge might conflict with another persons ideology however I’m excited to take this step in my life. I have written some very good papers which I plan to use. My plan is to break them up and choose subtopics from them that won’t bore the readers. My backup plan is to create a website with my name as a domain name. It would speak about all of the acquired knowledge I’ve learned including cooking lessons, motorsports I like, painting tips, some aviation topics and overall life lessons. Im interested to see which way this goes.

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