Exploring My Classmates Websites

Exploring The World Wide Web

For today’s assignment, we had to explore some of our classmates websites, and in doing that I saw many fun and creative websites that were  just awesome.

The one that stuck out the most to me, was Cassie’s website There’s Life Outside. First off, I love astronomy and all things about the universe, and I haven’t seen a good conspiracy theorist in awhile, and Cassie I think you are really onto something with your website. It was straight-forward and to the point, and I like how you designed the background, and the pictures you included. It is very unique and very creative, well done!

(An Astro Vibe!)

Animated GIFs of deep space objects in 3D on EarthSky | Space | EarthSky

I also enjoyed Angel’s website A Strange Perspective, it’s the perfect amount of optimistic and realistic. Your perspective of the average human being exploring and enjoying life is very interesting, I like how your writing is very complex yet simply put.

Critical Thinking Scenario – Create a Nested Folder Structure – Part 2 [Free Resources] | Cute love gif, Brain gif, Animated clipart

Being a writer myself, I can appreciate when someone writes from a place of truth, for in the truth lies the key to a balanced existence. Sounds a little too deep, but it’s true. So Angel and Cassie, you guys both did a great job on your websites, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


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  1. Thank you!
    Surely you didn’t mean to leave out an image or a screen shot, or gif? Right? Lets get some visuals here to help make the post more engaging :))

  2. OMG Tyler. Thank you for the love, shoutout on your post. Estoy muy agradecido as we spanish say. I’m very grateful. I will be working on a new post over the next couple days.

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