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Greetings to all!

I have finally posted on my new website MonoPillowtalk!
On there, you’ll find 3 short stories that portray intimate and authentic self-reflection in a creative way. I wrote these stories with the intention to deeply evaluate the memories that have made my person, whether or not I have understood their impact or effect. As children, we lack the awareness that one day, memories are all you will have left of things that once were. And these memories, have the power to make or break you. As an adult, what you do with this realization will either help you evolve as a person or will simply add on to your trauma.

Earth is both heaven and hell, if you want to read how I’ve accepted the lessons and turned them into blessings of knowledge, click here.

1 thought on “New Posts On New Website”

  1. Hey Bazan,

    The layout for your website is beautiful. It has pop and the sliding home screen is a nice touch. Great interface. Inspiring as well. Great job.

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