Exploring the WordPress Potentials, Part II!

Exploring the WordPress Potentials, Part II!

(The assignment info & the 2 video tutorials are posted at the bottom of this post)

Welcome Back! Getting specific with WordPress and context. Last week we started setting up our new websites by simply discussing the potentials of the creation process. We talked about how to set up new pages, working with the navigation menus, working with widgets in the sidebar or footer areas, installing plug-ins (especially the Classic Editor) and the differences between posts & categories.

This all takes practice and a bit of experimentation. How did you do?WordPress is a very intuitive piece of software, and it wants your creativity! Lets continue forward. I will be sharing a new series of demonstrations and will add the recorded videos from our zoom classes here below.

Lets begin populating our new websites by publishing both a new blog post there this week and also cross posting that information here on CT101 as well. There is an efficient way to cross post content across wordpress websites. Lets say you just published a great new post on your website and you also want to share it with your classmates here on CT101.

An example of that may be done in a new post that reads:


Add your Blog Post Title (all blog posts need a great title!) 

(insert an image – GIF – Meme – Quote – or some kind of related media)

Dear Readers – I just published a new blog post here on my website: http://yourwebsitename.com, (make sure to hyperlink the post url) please come and check it out and feel free to engage in some fun dialog.


This is a very minimal example above but perhaps just a title and a link is not that interesting? We need a bit of compelling energy to draw the reader from CT101 over to your site. So make this interesting and creative!


**This Week’s Blogging Assignment Prompt**

Publish a NEW blog Post on YOUR new website, the post can be about anything that you wish that has direct context to your new website’s stated intentions (what you site is being used to promote and share.) After publishing the post create a new blog post here on CT101 that shares a synopsis of your new post from your website that will entice and grab our attention, be sure to include the direct URL to the new blog post.

The Video Tutorial for this weeks’ assignment is posted below (from 4/20/21)


Passcode: .&#4e3w.

The Video Tutorial for this weeks’ assignment is posted below (from 4/22/21)


Passcode: 5QZG0$L0