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    Different with what I expected, I was thinking of my own name combination of “pic” into a new phrase, but unfortunately how the group can not be used successfully, I had to switch the domain name. However, I decided on another name that I really like.
Its comes from Hotel Transylvania 3:”But a Zing never lies”, I have been very confused what exactly “zing” means, and I was simply to understand it as destiny and love.
Then I saw other people’s explanation that I very like: zing is the sound of a heart attack, a cluster of sparks rubbing out in the mind when love at first sight. The heartbeat is like a “crush”. So finally I chose zingpic as my domain name, meaning the picture that people loves at first sight.

    But I don’t know if it’s a good choice to put too many pictures in a blog. After thinking about it, I think there is no mandatory requirement or standard for this blog, just do what I like and want to do. Although I have a general direction of what to do, but still not quite sure how I want to do it, I hope to clarify my ideas in the next few weeks.

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