Feedback On Classmate’s Websites

Hi, mates!

The first website I checked out was Vinika’s website: VinikaEats.

Given by the title, food is involved, and who doesn’t love food? I had to take a look! The website is well organized and I love the placement of the pictures on the home page.

In her blog, I read Miss Korea BBQ, which sounds both sexy and hot. Vinika describes her experience from beginning to end, includes pictures of the cocktails, the food, and her rating. Thanks to social media, and the trend of trends, it will only take Vinika one amazing review to gain a huge following.

As long as Vinika keeps eating,

The website will keep growing (like the newborn baby it is).


Angel Dejesus’s website: A Strange Perspective.


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Get it?

DeJesus’ first post/homepage is the best introduction one could ask for.  In those few sentences, he is able to introduce himself, his way of thinking, and is hunger for self-growth. At the end of the post, DeJesus’ leaves this picture for the readers to have a visual that matches his words.

Imagine being so small, in such a big world. Imagine never learning, growing, evolving. Imagine being dead while being alive.

DeJesus’ invites us to join him in his journey to enlightenment.

Lastly and gladly.

Cassie’s Website’s: There’s Life Outside with the most impact.

Her website, a static page with an important statement, is by far my favorite. Although I am not 100% sure if the website only has the homepage, I am loving the fact that there isn’t much else going on, because if there was it would take away from its effect.

In her background, it states “Go out. There is life outside”, which is perfect for our present times. Due to COVID, people who typically spent very little time on the internet are now stuck at home doing the same things they were doing during quarantine (nothing).  “Life” in this quote can mean life itself, knowledge, or growth too, and “Outside” can also be lessons, experiences, and change. Point being, you need to put yourself out there in order to actually live.

Cassie ends her post with Plato’s quote, “ASTRONOMY COMPELS THE SOUL TO LOOK UPWARDS AND LEADS US FROM THIS WORLD TO ANOTHER”. Which perfectly encourages one to seek beyond their limits and hope beyond their dreams.

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  1. Thanks for coming by Bazan! Hopefully, I’ll keep working on the site but your feedback made me realize what I decided to do with the site might just pay off.

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