week 12 classmates websites!

I have checked out my classmates’ websites. The first site that I checked out was https://therotatingrock.com/ The title alone, rotating rock caught my eye. The post that I was reading was a Netflix documentary. This documentary is about John Demjanjuk who is fighting for his innocence. They’re doing a good job with the website, keep it up! 

The next website that I checked out was http://galerasarts.com/ I had commented on it at first, but it seems my comment disappeared. It had confused me

In their first post, they said some things that I had agreed with. This class is a good class and I had a lot of fun making gifs. Gifs were one of the favorite things that I have done in this class. I also like their website, where they say where beautiful things happen. Beautiful things will happen to your website : ) Keep up the good work classmates!