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Unfortunately, it’s time to say our goodbyes. This class was like a breath of fresh air, it allowed my mind to be free to explore different forms of art. Who knew that Gifs would be so easy to make! This class taught me how to be a stronger writer and to explore different forms of writing. On the first day, I was hesitant about the class, like I always mention, I’M A MARKETING MAJOR, we are all textbook and numbers, I felt this class was so different than anything I experience in college.


Recap to my first blog post, I was writing about my favorite place on the internet, I expressed my love for newsletters and how I love the internet for looking up ridiculous questions. For me, it’s about having the information at your fingertips. That’s when it started, my appreciation for the things I never took the minute to think about.

One of the milestones that we passed as a class is learning how to create Gifs. This allowed us to express ourselves in images rather than words.  I really enjoyed this part of the class because I like using this as an outlet to communicate with my friends. But in a serious way, I see a lot of opportunities with using gifs to connect with younger audiences about a product or service.


I feel that I have earned an A because although I’m not the best at the creative part of the assignments, I do respect the class and I do my assignment in a timely. Most importantly, I can feel as a writer I am growing and becoming more serious about blogging. An example is my website started off as a Mystery Murder website that allowed users to tune into ghost stories and unsolved mysteries. I was excited to create this website and to stand out but I often found myself puzzled when creating blog posts. I had some sort of writer’s block. So, after sitting with the concept for a few weeks, I finally decided that I wanted to change the concept altogether.


After doing so, I found myself happier with my new concept about how to save money. I really want to document my journey towards financial success so I would probably continue with the site even after the class ends. My success with my website is writing blogs post and sharing tips and tricks about financial freedom. One of my frustration was the process the format, the design, the concept. It was hard to make these big decisions but I finally was able to settle on a concept and that was a relief.


Thank you for this wonderful class anDEd for sharing my thoughts and ideas with my classmates. Good Luck everyone and Stay Safe.

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  1. Thank you so much, Sreya!
    You have completed great creative work across all of our class criteria!
    Thank for your hard work and participation!
    Please keep that website up and expanding, it is super helpful and we need your insights!
    Thank you, happy holidays!

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