Final Blog

I have such mixed feelings right now!

1st. I’m happy to see the end of this semester

2nd. I’m so sad to see the end of CT101

I came into this class not really knowing what to expect but I had high hopes because of all the good reviews I’ve heard about this class and Prof Seslow, not only from Rate my professors but from past classmates and even other professors.

This course has been my favorite thus for and that says a lot because I’m a senior and I only have two more courses to go!

I learned a lot from this class and I had fun while creating and blogging about all we have talked about during class. I appreciated being exposed to different types of digital art such as Vapor wave because though I’ve seen it here and there, I didn’t know what it was exactly and how fun and easy it is to create. I also appreciate learning about Copy right and about great minds such as Aaron Swartz. These are topics that I’ve never been exposed to in a classroom setting and I’m  for this new knowledge

My favorite creative project that I completed this semester is the DS106 Assignment, I did my version of Pop star out of place and I had so much fun doing it. It was a bit challenging but I’ve always wanted to learn how to combine different pictures like this in Photoshop. I love using Photopea, its a great substitute for Photoshop.

However my greatest accomplishment in CT101 is my website I’m so excited and happy about my website. I will definitely keep it after this course because I plan on continuing on using it to promote my art works. I like how it’s looking right now but I am definitely going to work on how its presented.

I honestly thought it would of been so much more difficult to build a website. The only problem I had was my indecisiveness lol.

What grade do I think I’ve earned in this class?

An A+ of course, Duh!

To be honest I think my grade for this class is going to be a B+ or A-

I’ve only missed the last two post and I haven’t commented on my classmates post. However I’ve tried my best to do all my assignments. This semester has been very challenging but I’ve tried my best.

Any hoooooo! Good Bye! Best wishes to all of you on your endeavors and Happy Holidays!

1 thought on “Final Blog”

  1. Thank you so much!
    Great work on this final assessment / reflection and on all of your posts!
    Each week we saw growth and variety as we creatively expanded our awareness of what this platform could be like.
    Such Beautiful art work on your new website! Wow, love it!
    I know this semester has been like any other, but Im proud of the work that we have accomplished as a class and as individual authors to our ct101 community!
    Happy Holidays!

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