Final Course Reflection Blog Post

I can’t believe this is it. This is the end of the Fall 2020 semester and especially this course. I am both relieved and saddened.

I enjoyed this class so much for many reasons. Professor Seslow helped in so many ways not only to me, but I’m sure other can attest to his great assistance. His kind morning greetings and asking of how our week is going always put a smile on my face. It seems as if that because we are online now professor rarely ask questions like that anymore. Professor Seslow was the complete opposite. He never missed a beat. He never just jumped right into class. He was kind enough to wait at least 7 minutes for at least the majority or everyone to join the session. I found that to be a very kind gesture. It may be something so minimal to others. but to have a college professor wait on their students is a privilege, and I truly appreciated it.

Being that I am completelyyy terrible with computers and anything involving technology related work, recordings of our zoom sessions were helpful to look back on whenever I got confused before doing an assignment.  I also enjoyed this class not only because of the interactions between the professor and all of us, but the interactions between my classmates and I. Leaving comments or reading each other’s posts was a very enjoyable thing for me in class. I took great pleasure in knowing that there would never not be anyone commenting on my work. If no one else was going to comment on my work, I knew I could count on Professor Seslow to. Thank you classmates !!

While there were a lot of good times in this course for me, there was just one mishap for me. I’m kind of disappointed in myself because I was not able to complete my website. I would be working on it and customizing it to my liking and then it would either just delete my last editing completely just  delete everything I worked on. This caused me to get upset and give up. My domain name is registered and all but my website is not done.


I’m not proud at the fact that I don’t have my website complete, but after looking at some of my classmates websites/blogs my faith was renewed. I decided that even this course has reached the end, that I will continue to pursue building my website and sharing with the public eye.(friends, family, social media) It’s my fault for not fishing my website on time but I have confidence that when I finish it, it will draw a lot of attention of the audience I’m trying to entice.

I do hope and trust that my classmates will continue to build and grow their website/blogs. I have faith in you all.

The garde I believe I earn in this class is a B-.  I say I deserve this grade because I believe I did good this semester. Did I do exceptionally well as I could have…definitely NO. However the odds were surely against all of us this semester just as much as the last and we were still able to conquer and get our assignments in. My website is incomplete/possibly vanished but I promise to myself that what I learned in this course, I shall apply to possibly helping others with there digital story telling work. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend not only for the credits  but also for the beneficial skills you will acquire after taking this class.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words!
    Good work this semester, it always goes by too fast, and this one was tough for sure,
    Thank you for completing your course work and sharing your creativity!
    Happy Holidays!

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