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Taking CT101 Digital Storytelling in my final semester of college has been a delightful learning experience filled with obstacles that I managed to successfully overcome. Going into it, I had no clue what to expect and how the journey will go. Sometimes the road to your destination can be a winding one, but what matters is that you get there. I learned a variety of amazing skillsets such as overall exploring the WordPress blogging interface and adding variety of creative content using numerous artistic websites, apps, and helpful class videos.

Experiences such as transferring images and screenshots to my blog posts, creating hyperlinks, learning about URLs and website domain names, creating Gif narratives and finding Gifs from Giphy and Imgur Assignment 2- Animation through Gifs, discovering a new perception of art through internet memes Assignment 3- Are Memes Art? and creating my own with imgflip, completing projects on TheDailyCreate and using Photopea to construct art such as overlapping and blending multiple images, etc.

I learned about the immediacy of digital art making and expanded my own perception through reflection on what creativity and intuition means to me, thus using Figma to create a digital art page with the theme of consciousness by applying various moving imagery.


I feel like in this class the grade I earned was a B or B- because although I managed to complete majority of the assignments with my best foot forward and participated in class, I did end up completing assignments late due to unforeseen mental health circumstances.

Overall, digital storytelling makes better use of multimedia elements and interactive capabilities to fascinate and engage audiences than traditional storytelling methods. It enables a dynamic and immersive experience that keeps viewers engaged and provides a wide range of creative opportunities. To bring their story to life, creators like me can experiment with various media types, styles, and techniques.


We are free to combine different aspects and use technology to create unique and inventive storylines. Online platforms and social media make it simple to share and distribute digital stories, but in my situation, I was able to expand and share my expertise with my classmates who were working on similar projects in the same field.

Change My Mind Meme | CT101 is the best class ever; Do not | image tagged in memes,change my mind | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

This enabled interactivity and active participation in creative processes. I am extremely grateful for this experience, and thank you for a wonderful semester.

Enjoy the summer and journeys ahead!

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  1. Thank you so much!
    I appreciate the thoughtful and transparent final reflection here!
    You have completed great work and made a commitment to complete the work on time. I understand the challenges of taking of taking a new kind of course, especially in one’s last semester! I am grateful for your hard work, and can see the expansion / growth of your work. Everyone here in CT101 works in a different and unique way, because the nature of the course work is so creative and is dependent on each person’s life story and interests, the work flow is always equally diverse and authentic.
    Happy last semester to you!
    Thank you, enjoy your summer, Congrats!

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