Assignment 5: DS106 Assignment Bank


Clickbait has it gone too far??? I was struggling with what topic to really talk about for this assignment in the end I enjoyed it and had fun. I got this idea actually from my girlfriend she decided to help me and thought it would be a fun idea so why not let’s talk about clickbait?

At first, I was confused about how the website worked but I found the writing assignment section and saw many other people’s ideas and they were all interesting I liked the format that they all used.

I first went to youtube to look at random thumbnails and I found some interesting ones like these ones.

Some of these thumbnails are weird thumbnails it just shows that click-baiting has gone far I mean come on why fake that you got your girlfriend pregnant it’s just for views and just weird. The face that he puts for himself in the thumbnail as well is so stupid.

This is what I mean by click-baiting has gone too far. Since I keep talking about it should probably show you guys what I did for this assignment.

I hope it shows well but this is my assignment I put that as the title to be funny but as well to show an example of what actually ends up happening on youtube you will find titles like that. The picture was meant to represent the funny thumbnails that you see on youtube.

Just to be safe if you guys are interested in what I wrote here is the link to my post.

Another assignment I wanted to do was Photoshop I thought it would be fun to have this character that I created and photoshop him in an image like the mona lisa. Hopefully on another post, I get to make that idea a reality.

Until next time everyone.

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