Getting that Dough Mayne

A good domain name is a hard find and can make or break your website. That being said, I am not the best at coming up with unique names but lucky I have a pretty unique name and a bunch of odd nicknames and aliases so I am confident that one of them will stick. So without further ado, here are my domain names.

  1. Shem.us
  2. SLCumber.com
  3. SteezUrkel.com
  4. Shemdelashem.com
  5. ShemmyF.com

Under one of these lovely domain names I will make a website that is focused on myself and my talents. A simple exhibit of my past works and future goals with some promotion going towards my online ventures. I have a few videos up online that I think could get more traction and so many ideas for future projects. Im excited to have my own little space of the internet, especially since I lost my tumblr a few years back and haven’t really been able to express myself in a website like fashion in a while.

A few of my fav website are Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. They are pretty much where I spend all of my time when I am online.

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