Well, we finally made it to the end. What a crazy and hectic semester this has been. CT101 was one of my favorite classes this semester and one of the most informative classes I have ever taken. It has given me more confidence in my computer skills, especially when it comes to website building. I’ve always been curious about if I can maintain my own website and guess what? I can! Sorta.

One of my favorite things about the class? Professor Seslow. He has been excellent when it came to online classes and his approach to this semester. Although things got hectic for me, especially mid-semester, I never truly felt lost because Professor Seslow was always there when I need him. His class recordings were very clutch and detailed and easy to follow along with. I am hopeful that I run into more Professors like him on the rest of my journey through York. Three Cheers for The Professor!

I plan to keep my newfound skills on display so they can stay sharp for the future. That includes making constant updates to my website to keep developing as my designing skills improve. I want to keep my website and turn it into an official site on all my social media. I still have some work to do on it but I still get excited about the fact that I have my own piece of the internet.

So without further ado, This is


As you can see my website is based solely on myself and myself only. As of now, it is all purple in supports of my twin, Urkel, and his new products. The site only has two posts as of now, but they both are just the beginning of what I want to do with the site. I want to promote myself a lot more and get some of the videos a couple of views. I always thought that maintaining a website was a little past my skill level and I wouldn’t be about to handle the details. After running into a few walls and studying a couple of Professor’s recordings, I started picking up the necessary skills and was off to the races! Once I got the chance to start customizing my site and making posts, I was having a lot of fun with the whole thing, which made it even more worth it. I’m so excited for the future of my website and what we are both capable of.

So long story short. I deserve an A. Mostly because I am a natural at this and It would be embarrassing to get anything less when my site becomes the biggest in the world. Imagine everyone coming to the most viewed site in the world and finding out that it only got a B in class? What a joke amirite?


Website Feedback

I checked out a few of my classmates websites and I was presently surprised by what I found. Although we are all still working on our website and trying to make it our own, some people have clear ideas in their head about what they want to do with their page. Although it is slightly intimidating, it has also put a battery in my back to step it up on my own page.

The people whose pages I would like to comment on specifically are Bazan and Vinika. Both of these ladies’ pages are very clear and concise while also being visually pleasing. Bazan’s website has a vibe that jumps out at you as soon as you get on the page. The colors set the mood and the short stories grab you in with their mysterious names. Everything is short, sweet and to the point which gives, “Less is more”. Vinaka’s website is very inviting and familiar on first glace. The overlapping pictures set the tone in terms of style and word placement is very well done. The food and drinks she has up look good and definitely benefits from the black background. Great Job Ladies!

Although both pages aren’t fully customized, I can see that they are both moving in the right direction. I’m hoping I can catch up to them when it comes to customizing my site, especially with the visual aspect. Hopefully, they also keep up the good work and maybe I’ll become a regular to their sites.



Heeeelllooooo Everybody

I’m here to encourage everyone to stop what they are doing and check out my posts my new website.

Here is a little excerpt from my post to get you hooked. Check it out the site to see the whole post and future post from yours truly.

I thought you’d never ask, Mero

I am Him. The one you were told about.

The guy that your wife still casually flirts with although you told her it makes you uncomfortable (Get some confidence buddy, We are just friends)

The dude who always pays his bill in cash only. Perfect change. 30% tip…ON A BAD DAY

The person whose DNA is being used as the prime ingredient in the COVID vaccine. (Except J&J. They didn’t cut the check)




What’s the Steez?


My idea for my website is simply something I’ve always wanted. A site about me! The site name is one of my many monikers (I had a pretty good idea that it wouldn’t be taken) that I use when I stream or play games online. I want to use my website as a way to advertise the content that I already have on the internet and provide new content and updates on my life as well. Essentially a blog but with video games, mini-podcasts and whatever else I can think of.

The name is centered around Jaleel White and his iconic character Steve Urkel who happens to be my celebrity look-alike. I’ve gotten it for years and expect to until I’ve retired from this planet (If I’m lucky). Although I never saw this comparison as a bad thing, I think it’s funny to embrace it, especially as the show fades from mainstream popularity. I will keep the energy of Steve (and Stephan) alive through my funny one-liners and nerdy interests.

Although unlike Steve (and more like Stephan), I bring some flavor (swag, sauce or STEEZ if you will) to the table. Although I owe a lot of it to my New York upbringing, I have been many places and seen many things. I want to share my thought processes about popular topics along with showing off my skills in whatever medium I choose. I want my work to shock the masses and maybe even myself. I want to read or watch it back and think, “Wow. Did I do that?”

The Mid-Semester Assessment

CT-101  CT-10FUN

CT101 is one of the most unique classes I have ever taken. It has taught me so many things that I have longed to learn about in such a short period of time. I have gone from a blog writing novice to a…well…I’m still that. My growth, however, is rapid and my goals are high so I am confident in my future. I may not be at A level yet, but I will try my best to rise to the cream of the crop!

This class has taught me to be less intimidated by the internet’s vast amount of websites and tools that foster our creativity. I was too afraid to tackle the creation of GIFs on my own because I thought they were way more complex than they are. Now that this class has pushed me to create a few, I have confidence that I could RUN the GIF game just like Professor Seslow. (Coming for you Professor)

As you can tell from this post, my GIF choices have also improved when it comes to memes. I have put a lot more effort into using more flamboyant language to spice it up a little bit. I want everyone to crack at least one smile while reading my ridiculous wording of my post.

I hold myself to a high level when it comes to creating anything so although I think I am doing well, I also know I can improve my work and push my posts to the next level. This class has taught me to have more fun with my classes. I have always taken classes so seriously, but classes like this help develop self expression through writing. A little bit of levity can turn the most boring project into a fun activity if you have the right mindset.

I am always pushing myself to try something different so I can keep the eyes on my work and shine through all of my posts. I believe that many of my classmates are talented in that aspect and that challenges the competitive part in me. By the end of this class, I want my body of work to speak for itself.

Here is my BODY of work so far. Enjoy 😀

  1. Post
  2. Post
  3. Post
  4. Post
  5. Post

Getting that Dough Mayne

A good domain name is a hard find and can make or break your website. That being said, I am not the best at coming up with unique names but lucky I have a pretty unique name and a bunch of odd nicknames and aliases so I am confident that one of them will stick. So without further ado, here are my domain names.


Under one of these lovely domain names I will make a website that is focused on myself and my talents. A simple exhibit of my past works and future goals with some promotion going towards my online ventures. I have a few videos up online that I think could get more traction and so many ideas for future projects. Im excited to have my own little space of the internet, especially since I lost my tumblr a few years back and haven’t really been able to express myself in a website like fashion in a while.

A few of my fav website are Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Reddit. They are pretty much where I spend all of my time when I am online.

DS106 Disaster

This assignment gave me some trouble when I realized that my photoshop skills were lacking. I looked through many different genres of the assignments and was discouraged time and time again when I tried to do my own version. I think my favorite fail of the bunch came from the assignment titled BIG EYES. After many many hilarious fails, this is the best I came up with before I finally called it quits.  ds106 fail

Although I eventually gave up on this assignment, I will admit that I learned a lot more than I ever knew about photoshop than I ever imagined I could in such a short period of time. Maybe if I kept fiddling with the numbers, I could have made a perfect bigger eyed me.

After my numerous failures, I decided it was probably best to attack a project that would better fit the skills I learned already in this class. So I went to the gif section and my eyes got wider when I saw the Best Sports Play project. I already knew the play I had in mind and once I found a good video, the rest was history.

In this GIF, One of my favorite basketball players, Jaylen Brown is seen putting OG Anunoby on a poster. This GIF is one of my favorite dunk in the past year and is actually my background on my  computer. Although I had a fun time making this, I hope I can make even cooler GIFs and images in the future with the tools at my disposal.




To answer the question,” Are memes ART?”, we must first grasp what the word art means. A simple definition given by Jeannine Gliddon Owens in her article, “Memes as Art“, is that art is to express human truth. We use memes as a modern day method to share our thoughts in concise pieces of media. The only really difference between them and typical mainstream art types is that memes are based on the internet. Jeannine makes the observation that bringing memes into a gallery setting elevates the art into a space where it can be appreciated in a way comparable to that of a traditional art piece. As more and more memes gain attention while in the physical form, the more it will be recognized as true art.

i should study


Memes are one of the best new tools for communication because they allow ideas to be shared solely though pictures and text. This allows communication between people from all different walks of life because all it takes to understand a meme is context. The feelings gained from a meme are almost instantaneous because we have witness or felt the same feelings that are shown in the picture or gif. At the same time, memes can be filled with depth and can be deep dived and explained the same of traditional media can. We as a culture need to embrace memes and hold them to the same standards as high class art so that one day it may be treated as such.



I have never made a meme online previous to this assignment, but one of my friends has made hundreds of memes that he uses everyday. Although most are inappropriate, all are pretty funny and unique ideas. I had fun thinking outside the box and making a few memes that I will definitely use in the future.


CT101 The Origin Story

CT 101 was one of the only classes open that was a part of my major when I was stressing to register in January.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find enough classes to become fulltime but CT101 held me down and gave me hope that I could.

Rocket Power Thank you

When I found out exactly what the class was about, my interests were peaked. I haven’t blogged in years but I was excited to get back to it.

Excited Carlton

After the first week, when I failed miserably at making my first blog post as cool and interesting as possible, I might have gotten a tad bit defeated.

office sadness

But when I started figuring it out, and especially when I figured out how to make and control my gifs, I felt powerful.

louise laugh

Now I cant wait to use my new powers for good and get really creative with my future posts in this class. Stay tuned

dont touch that dial


#1 What I Welcome When Watching the Web

I have been on the internet for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to wait until my mom got off the landline to grab the telephone cord and plug it into the modem. Then I used to pop my AOL CD into the slot and listen to the nostalgic sound that follows (brace your ears if you’ve never heard it)

I would rush online to play games made from my favorite cartoons on websites like and I would play every game in their catalogs until I was content with my dominance, which was probably around bedtime. These daily moments would shape my life drastically and transform me into the computer connoisseur that I am today. My infatuation with the internet has only increased since then and I now spend hours everyday glued to my computer chair surfing the web like this guy.

One thing that is really making me happy this week is that I decided to start streaming on Twitch finally. I play a few PC games online and I have been hesitating on starting my channel due to heavy procrastination on my part. I finally decided to buckle down and start my channel and it has given me quite the boost in energy in a couple different aspects of life. My favorite game to play is League of Legends and Im currently on my grind to Platinum. If you’re ever bored you should stop by My Twitch and say hi!

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