CT101 The Origin Story

CT 101 was one of the only classes open that was a part of my major when I was stressing to register in January.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find enough classes to become fulltime but CT101 held me down and gave me hope that I could.

Rocket Power Thank you

When I found out exactly what the class was about, my interests were peaked. I haven’t blogged in years but I was excited to get back to it.

Excited Carlton

After the first week, when I failed miserably at making my first blog post as cool and interesting as possible, I might have gotten a tad bit defeated.

office sadness

But when I started figuring it out, and especially when I figured out how to make and control my gifs, I felt powerful.

louise laugh

Now I cant wait to use my new powers for good and get really creative with my future posts in this class. Stay tuned

dont touch that dial


#1 What I Welcome When Watching the Web

I have been on the internet for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to wait until my mom got off the landline to grab the telephone cord and plug it into the modem. Then I used to pop my AOL CD into the slot and listen to the nostalgic sound that follows (brace your ears if you’ve never heard it)

I would rush online to play games made from my favorite cartoons on websites like www.Disneychannel.com and www.cartoonnetwork.com. I would play every game in their catalogs until I was content with my dominance, which was probably around bedtime. These daily moments would shape my life drastically and transform me into the computer connoisseur that I am today. My infatuation with the internet has only increased since then and I now spend hours everyday glued to my computer chair surfing the web like this guy.

One thing that is really making me happy this week is that I decided to start streaming on Twitch finally. I play a few PC games online and I have been hesitating on starting my channel due to heavy procrastination on my part. I finally decided to buckle down and start my channel and it has given me quite the boost in energy in a couple different aspects of life. My favorite game to play is League of Legends and Im currently on my grind to Platinum. If you’re ever bored you should stop by My Twitch and say hi!