Gifaay # Assignment 2

This GIF ^ above is me dancing away with joy .(Expressing)
My first day of class I was clearly happy because for me I know this is my last semester here. ^ Hence froggy dancing away with joy!
I did like how the professor went through the course fully and step by step. It made me feel more at ease he did not rush through the material.
I like how we can be creative with our content which is pretty cool.
This course is very different from my other courses because I am a pysch major and it doesnt relate much to the major but i think its a good class to take.
My creative potential for this class is to learn more about the course.
I am always willing to learn new skills and task to use in my daily life.
This is GIF ^ as inspiration ” GO GIRL”(Expressing) as in to never give up and keep pushing.
Credit – for images use.

2 thoughts on “Gifaay # Assignment 2”

  1. Excellent!
    Great work on this so far!
    Lets keep it going!
    Be sure to include a few more GIFs as well as referencing the GIF history essays in the assignment details.
    Did you tinker with Giphy and Imgur? What did you think of those platforms?

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