A GIPHY Feeling – Assignment #2

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The first day of CT101 gave me a sense of curiosity about the course and after looking at the syllabus and Professor Seslow breaking down and explaining the course, I felt intrigued. I had an interest in taking CT101 before the semester started. A couple of people I know recommended this class to me after having positive experiences with the class.

CT 101 is much different than my other classes this semester as it can explore our creative juices on the internet. This class can convey the creative and fun side of the internet and that makes me interested. The sky is the limit for this class because of the access to different software to express our creative work. The tools on the internet exist for a reason and they should not be left to waste.

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1 thought on “A GIPHY Feeling – Assignment #2”

  1. Ok!
    Looking good, This is a great starting point on this assignment, but there is a lot more that we can do / add, double check the assignment specs and jump back in!
    Thank you!

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