CT 101/ Final Blog Post -Yasodia Sukhandan

Here we are at the end of the semester!!!


CT-101 It has been a genuinely enjoyable session, and I have learned new websites that I can utilize in my daily life. This is the first course I’m taking where we can work mainly on computers, which I find enjoyable.I enjoy how this class interacts with one another, that we discuss ideas and opinions, and that our professor constantly invites us to participate in the class and ask questions. Our lecturer was a true gem; he gave us precise directions and walked us out. I would suggest this class to others. We gain additional knowledge about WordPress, GIPHY, and Photpea that we can apply to our daily lives.Personally, I enjoy things outside of class.

Outside of class, I enjoy experimenting and familiarizing myself with these websites. I enjoyed this course, although it took some time for me to be able to make a website since I needed specific photographs  and outlines to be in the right order and at the same size.



We got to create/ register our own domain! Which was cool to me this part was fun for me because getting to choose your name and starting up the process is always fun yet challenging.

But also Putting together a website seem  like the most fun part/ yet stressful part only because me personally i didnt know what i wanted to use on my website. Going fourth its always good to have a idea where you want to start.


I just know that I’m trying; I have no idea what my grade would be overall. I try to follow all the guidelines specified on the page or syllabus, turn in all of my work on time, and address any queries or problems that come up. Additionally, I’m attempting to be imaginative and study more about the subject. All things are a learning process, hence an A+ for effort and consistency. As a social work major and psychology student, this course is not related to my major; yet, I took it to improve my overall grade anyway, and I had a great time in it. Aside from being in school i help my friend that t create a menu for a restaurant and the owner  loved it and is currently utilizing it. Right now we are in charge of there instagram page and creating posters.

Contact me page-

I also want to improve a few things for my final website, such how people may reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Customers can see my page, get in touch with me, and send me a message.


In closing, I would want to express my gratitude to the professor and my fellow students for an amazing semester and for allowing me to embark on this educational path. I took my first computer course at York for the first time. I’m majoring in social work as a pysch. This course has demonstrated to me that anything is achievable with perseverance and hard work. I first enrolled in this course to boost my GPA, but thereafter, I met some new individuals and had the opportunity to develop a website. I’m hoping to receive an A+ in this class because fully i know learn new skills that i can use.

To conclude my blog heres a link to my website its not fully done as yet as i wanna add little more specs to it such as images to make my page looks more appealing.


Assignment 7


I think overall im doing good in the class. Im learning as i go. 😀


The skills i pick up throughout this course was learning more about gifs rather using the ones i normally use. I explore difffrent ones and or make new memes which is creative.

I personally didnt know this class exist to be honest until i registered for it and im glad i did.


I think im getting a A at least because i dont miss anywork i try to stay consistent.


I do see my weekly blogs getting creative. This is great for me it lets your mind grasph and think of ideas.

No, currently i dont think im missing any assignments.

Yes,i do tend to comment on other classmate works this gives us the chance to make friends.

I try to respond in class from time to time i rather hear what my classmates says.

Theres always room for improvement! learning is essential in everyday life.

work 6

HEllo everyone

You already know what time it is!!

Thus far CT101 has been a very intresting class yet im learning a lot.This is such a great expeince to help us learn how to write blogs and explore diffrent types of memes or gifs that i enjoy learning about and using because i use memes/ gifs on a daily basis through social media and text and other social platforms such as facebook and instagram and Snapchat.
I personally enjoy coming to class and waking up every morning to be here. Because the professor lectures isnt boring at all. He goes through everything one by one. And if you dont know something he explains it. He doesnt rush through the lecture which i like.
This week i created a poster for the month of October since the best thing in october is halloween. And halloween equals candy and who doesnt like sweets!!
I use Canva.com to help create this post!
also use MMM.PAGE to help create.
This one was use MMM.PAGE as a influrence not sure what it is just a random thought and piece created with inspirtaion.
Currently still working on it and the website not sure why its not allowing me to work from my laptop and just on my phone by thus far this is what i have i still have a lot to edit and add unto my page and this isnt what i wanted it to look like but the link only last 6hours so i belive it does expired

assignment 5

Greetings readers, classmates! After seeing this week assignment for week 5 i thought it was fairly intresting because it was trying come to a conclusion on what to choose.


I choose to make this one because it is the month of October which means halloween is right around the corner!! And who doesnt like halloween?? Spooky fun and spectacular!

This video is depicting a ghost is is very much like halloween and my course # of the class im taking.


I think we would get familair with these websites and such.  They are great tools we can use in our everyday lives i do think we will be using them throughout the semester for sure. You can use it to tell your stories.I choose the baby yoda because that is one thats trending and is really cute.I think these skills are not only useful but important because it gives us a run down of how fast we can create/ use a pieceful tool and incooperate it into out daily lives.

assignment 2


Is a blur out version stating express youself 2023 meaning stay true to your self and dont get caught up in a world that can be corrupted by negativity


What i used




Photopea is similar to photoshop but not as much but same aspect.

Assignment 4

My passion is making others happy! Its a pleasure that i can help so much people because for me at the end of the day that brings joy to me.I am very passionate about making others smile and overall have a wonderful day. I feel at times that many of us are dealing with battles that we cant always win so it is always nice to be kind to one and another.
I can relate to this meme because its good to show compassion.
Im also passionate about art. In my free time i like to paint and draw. This not only keeps me busy but helps me unwind after a long day.
Personal story- I got introduced to my passion by taking art classes while young i developed a love for it. I found painting to be a way of love and joy you can express yourself through art.It can reduce stress . In my spare timing i would draw in my books or canvas.It can lower axiety and others express the way that they are feeling that day through colors and emotions.Art can also make you feel confident and many others take pride into there work and that boasts there self of esteem. You are also building a new skill. Art can also help you meet new friends that share the same hobbie as you.
Websites used
 This one i created using IMGFLIP.COM
This video is a girl doing henna which is a drawing of art where she is passionate.

Assignment #3 Are Meme’s Art?

I believe that art is what you make it. And that memes definitely tell a story in just a simple meme.Memes are good for art because it expresses what a person is feeling it can be view through social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, twitter and such.Memes are new ways to show self- expression weather your sending a hug through text (virtually) or through gif its a way to show the way you feel.

Memes can express different types of emotions a person goes through. Like many art it can give off emotions etc. Memes for me gives off expression of emotions and thoughts that many of us use especially through text. According to spoken vision and I quote “If you take the definition of art, you can see that memes do fall into its definition. There was also an art movement around the 1950’s that used popular media as a source of inspiration: Pop Art. If one thinks about it, memes can fall under the category of Pop Art (using popular media styles to create art).”

I choose this meme because it expresses a hug sometimes we have such a long day we need a hug.

Memes can be use for story telling because it can inspire others and send political messages.

Here are 2 memes I created that related to CT101:

Websites used

Gifaay # Assignment 2

This GIF ^ above is me dancing away with joy .(Expressing)
My first day of class I was clearly happy because for me I know this is my last semester here. ^ Hence froggy dancing away with joy!
I did like how the professor went through the course fully and step by step. It made me feel more at ease he did not rush through the material.
I like how we can be creative with our content which is pretty cool.
This course is very different from my other courses because I am a pysch major and it doesnt relate much to the major but i think its a good class to take.
My creative potential for this class is to learn more about the course.
I am always willing to learn new skills and task to use in my daily life.
This is GIF ^ as inspiration ” GO GIRL”(Expressing) as in to never give up and keep pushing.
Credit – Giphy.com for images use.