GIF’s Assignment

Ah, The world of GIF’s and memes in many ways meme and gifs have bought people together although it may sound weird if you look at it from a very different way you will notice that throughout this year alone the memes and about Black Lives Matter, Police Activity has shaped this world into a massive movement.

Why saying "all lives matter" communicates to Black people that their lives  don't - CBS News

The world is now starting to push away from its dark past and trying to usher in a new world of humans the 1900’s era is almost over soon many people from that time period will be long gone but the memes and gifs will be our history will be our shining moment.

Mother Earth World GIF by eyedesyn - Find & Share on GIPHY

But to me memes and GIF’s are what makes us who we are and from what I can tell it will last forever!

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  1. Excellent! So well said and illustrated with these great images! Thank you! I so agree 100% Forward motion, and much love to spread into this world!

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